10 Incredibly Easy Email List Building Ideas

Have you been working on building up and keeping your email list?

Building an email list is very essential.

So if you are just starting your business or doing very well don’t take email list building too lightly.

Start your business with adequate email building techniques, so you don’t have to regret not building your email list sooner. With a large and targeted email list, you’ll be able to do email marketing more effectively and reach more customers.

I have discussed 10 incredibly easy email list building methods that will help you quickly and easily build an email list.

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What is email list building?

Email list building is the process of collecting email addresses through your leads, website visitors, customers, and audience. These email addresses are used to send emails to your customers for email marketing of your business. Email lists are used to do email marketing.

Why Email List Building is important?

It is not an exaggeration when we say that if you run an online business, your success largely depends on your mailing list. In today’s corporate world, Emails are an ideal method to promote and market your products and services to a wide range of people. Besides, you can send gifts and other offers as well. Some of these people become your prospective customers or clients.

This is how you generate leads. However, before you can reach them and carry on with the process, you actually need to know who they are! No, you don’t need to know their names or anything. You need a channel to reach and communicate with them. This is where your email lists will come in handy.

According to a survey, email is considered to be the most effective way to earn leads. Besides, it makes sense when you have a popular niche with a large customer base. Then again, how do you hope to acquire so many emails? You can’t go asking people around the streets for their emails! Finding email addresses is not hard yet finding the right email addresses is! Nevertheless, there are processes and methods to acquire emails of people who might be interested in your niche.

6 Special Reasons Why Building an Email List is Beneficial

1. Marketing at Lowest Cost: When you have built an email list. You have the list of your potential customers. That means they are already interested in your niche. Email lists not only increase your brand awareness But drive your audience to your website as well. So you get maximum ROI with your own email list. Besides all the advertising methods like Facebook, Google, and Instagram Marketing. Email marketing requires less cost than any other

2. One-to-one interaction with your potential customers: Having your customers’ email addresses means. You have the access to interact with your customers personally. When your targeted customers read your email, they have the option to ask any questions relevant to your products if they need to. This is how you can gain the trust of your customers.

3. Increase conversion rate: When you are doing any campaign. You must have your conversion goal. Conversion is what you want from your visitors. When you are sending emails to your customers individually. They may feel special and jump to your link. This is possible to generate sales from email marketing or drive your audience to the website.

4. Possibilities of getting repeat customers: You must save your customer’s email addresses after their purchase. Next time you run a new campaign, make sure to add them to your email list to let them know about your running campaign. If your customers are satisfied with your product, they will definitely consider your email and there will be a chance to get repeat orders from them.

5. Drive traffic to your website: Marketers do almost everything to increase their web traffic. But do you know? Is it easier to drive traffic through email marketing than other platforms? Because the people you send emails are the potential customers of your niche. That means they are already interested in your niche. When you apply your marketing strategy and send emails to them, most of them will visit your website at least once. This is how you can increase website traffic using your email list.

6. Can be your weapon in need/emergency: You can never take your social media channels for granted. Maybe you have a lot of followers and subscribers. Your page has a lot of reaches. But suppose something happens (I hope it doesn’t) that you lose your social media channels or your channels get hacked. Or your pages are disabled. Where will you find your customers?

This is where your email list will come to rescue you. You can continue with your marketing if you were conscious about your Email List Building from the beginning. Also, when you open new social media channels, you would need to send emails to your customers to let them know about it. So an email list will help you out of such crises.

How to Collect the Email List : 10 Email List Building Methods

Collecting email addresses

There are two ways how you can acquire email lists. Either you can purchase email lists from marketing database providers in the global market or you can build your own email list with your own effort. Now, there are advantages and disadvantages to both of them. We will be talking about how to build an email list. Below are some of the email list building methods that you can follow.

1. Put out a sign-up sheet/fill out a form

Imagine you’re hosting an event and a form is needed to be filled up participate in the event. This could be your chance to gather up some email addresses of the participants. You can encourage people to write down their details along with their email addresses. It is more efficient if the sign-up sheet is digitalized rather than a piece of paper, otherwise, it is going to be troublesome to note down all the emails.

2. Use Your Business Card

Use business cards for email list building

When you meet up with people for business purposes or any other professional reason, it could be a chance for you to exchange or give out your business card. Use it to encourage people to sign up to receive your emails. Maybe offer some incentives or gifts that would encourage them to sign up with their email. The number of emails through this method might be small but the percentage of prospective customers will be higher.

3. Apply Opt-ins on your Website

In the event that a client or prospect visits your site, it means they’re somewhat already interested in whatever you’re offering. Boost your chances more to add them to your email list by offering them some free products or some gifts. Let’s say you will be giving them free eBooks for each registration on your website. Include email registration forms on every main page of your site; it’ll increase higher your chances of getting their email.

4. Engage through social media platforms

Social media platforms can help you to connect with new audiences and make new prospects. Stay up-to-date with trending topics that are relevant to the interest of your customers and prospects. You can use these platforms to influence people to visit your websites where they can sign up for your email list. Make sure to put your website link in every post.

5. Create an Online Community

Forums are probably the best places to gather emails/leads because people here have signed up for a forum to talk about one specific topic. It is easier to gather emails of people pursuing the same niche from a forum. Facebook/Twitter/Reddit is also great platforms to build a community. People here are more active and large in number. Include a sign-up form every time a member joins the community.

6. Build a Blog

Build a blog for email list building

Blogging is a great way to build personal relationships with customers and prospects. Then it becomes easier to gather their email addresses.

Make sure blog visitors are required to provide an email list in order to leave comments and set it up in a way that to proceed further in your site, they are advised to provide an email.

7. Encourage forwarding

Whenever you send an email to your existing customers, you can attach a “forward-to-a-friend” link in the mail. If your customers think someone else will be benefited from the contents in the mail, they’ll be able to refer it to a friend. The friend will require an email sign in to view the content. Emails will keep coming in if the content is good enough.

8. Give out free materials

People are always attracted by free things. If you have an already established site or a site you can use, give out free materials that are relevant to the customers. For example, an eBook or an audio file that is related to the niche of the website. In that case, you can set up an email sign in in order to download whatever you’re offering. People will not hesitate to provide their email for free materials.

9. Scroll box & Pop-up Box

Use of scroll box & pop-up box for email list building

It is hard to ignore something when you are scrolling and a box keeps on popping up again and again.  The box will encourage them to sign up for your email list. Visitors might overlook if it’s in a fixed position. The pop up boxes will show up even after the visitor is scrolling down the page, this method is highly effective because it reels in visitors who are somewhat interested in your content (as they have spent some time on your page).

10. Free Trial/demo version

If you’re a service provider and you’re about to launch a new service or about to upgrade your existing service, use this opportunity to reel in emails from people who might be interested in what you’re providing. Launch a free trial or a demo version or a limited-time offer and ask your prospective customers to sign up through their emails. This will benefit you by reeling in emails from people who were not going to subscribe to your service but signed up for this just because it’s free.

Building a good relationship with your customer is a part of your business. Hope you can give your best in email list building now.

3 Best Email List Building Tools


If you need to build your email list fast. Leadpage will be a good choice for you. This email list building tool is especially for small businesses that connect with the audience and collect leads. You can build your landing page, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars, and beyond.


Sleeknote is popular for its pop-ups and slide-ins features. This tool will help you to build the best popups for your website. There are options for customizing the designs of the content as well. It allows you to display personalized on-page messages to specific people. Sleeknote follows Google’s interstitials policy. that means you can turn your mobile visitors into email leads without attracting google penalties.


Optinmonster is another powerful email list building tool. Optinmonster comes to creating popups and slide-in for websites. This is a cloud-based solution for lead generation and marketing automation that allows users to create an A/B test for a range of custom opt-in forms.


And there you have it! Here are the most efficient methods of email list building. I hope my suggested email list building techniques and tools will help you build an email list right away. I wish you good luck to get more visitors to your site.