5 Best AI Chatbot Platforms

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Are you FAILED  to interact with customers regularly?

Busy enough?

Hardly get time to respond to the customer immediately?

If yes!! finger cross you are going to lose your customer!

Using an AI chatbot platform may help you to save yourself from this problem.

In this article, we will cover the best AI Chatbot Platforms that provide the best services to the businesses or entrepreneurs. We have gathered a list of some of the best AI chatbot platforms. Most of them are AI chatbot, since artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the best and most advanced technologies in the current era.

Small and large businesses alike are gradually integrating conversational chatbots into their websites or social media platforms. It is also a form of inbound marketing strategy. If you are also wondering which bot will be perfect for your business, and then look no further!

You will find one which one fits perfectly for you from the list below.


Amplify.ai - ai chatbot platform

It is one of the first generation chatbots that has shown exceptional capabilities of going beyond their limit. Growth marketers tend to rely on this AI chatbot platform for their engagement with prospective clients or customers. Amplify.ai provides some of the most effective conversational flow with the customers. They have even been shown to drive performance-driven clients in the e-commerce and digital industries down the funnel, and straight towards digital conversion.

They use Conversational AI to turbocharge conversational ads on Facebook and Google.


✔️Conversational engagement  and follow-up with Social media 

✔️ Supports Email Marketing 

✔️ No Security and privacy risk 

✔️ Optimize the full lifecycle of a brand experience


🚫 Poor Data import service. 

🚫 Email support could be better. 

🚫 Analytics is not helpful enough.

For what is best?

Amplify.ai is popular for its integration with social media platforms. Amplify.ai focused on scaling its conversational dataset over monetization. If your business is performing most of the advertisement on social media platforms and most of your audience is active on social media platforms. This chatbot will help you to make a real-time conversation with them through chat. Try it out.


ManyChat - AI Chatbot Platform

It is one of those platforms that help you to create Messenger bots for your Facebook page quite easily. The bot helps you with marketing, after sales support and customer service. They offer highly effective engagement and conversational flow with clients or customers. They have a drag-and-drop option that helps you to create your bot in a short amount of time.

What’s unique about this AI chatbot platform is that it provides you with a set of tools that further helps with customer engagement and conversational flow. You can also set it up as timer based replies, it’ll send texts based on specific time based action. ManyChat is one of the best chatbot out there and one every business should look into.


✔️ The installation process is easy.

✔️ It integrates third-party tools on customers’ chat boxes for payment like Paypal, Stripe, Shopify, and others.

✔️Google Sheets, Slack, MailChimp, Facebook Ad Campaign integration available.

✔️ You can get Daily/weekly/ Monthly Subscriber reports.

✔️ You can receive an audience segmentation report.

✔️ It allows pro-plan users for A/B split testing.

✔️ Direct Customer From other channels (website, email, text message) to your Facebook messenger bot.


🚫 Technical support is poor. 

🚫 Does not provide any whats app support.

🚫 WordPress, WhatsApp, slack Integration problem. 

🚫 The price is a bit high.

🚫 Lots of Bugs and latency.

🚫 Do not provide any advanced analytics

🚫 You can’t transfer chatbots from one Instagram account onto another


Manychat Provides both free and paid plans. It comes with 3 types of plans for the business.

Free Plan- You can engage up to 1,000 contacts

Pro Plan Start from $15 / month

Premium- contact with Manychat sales team (you will get premium support & instant access to many chat automation)

Check out the difference chatbot between pro & free plan –

For what is best?

Manychat is mainly popular among facebook business owners for automating messenger marketing and sending messages from RSS. Online business owners connect manychat with their messenger and send automation sms to their audience even when they are offline.

Manychat helps the page owner to send faster responses to the audience, welcome messages, and instant automated answers of the queries. The good customer service turns into a good relationship between the audience and the business page and thus sales.

If you are doing facebook and instagram business and looking for the best chatbot tool that will help you to make faster responses to your audience and save time. Go for it. I used it for some of my project work and found a good response.


aivo - AI chatbot platform

Aivo provides customer support in real-time through both text and voice. It provides effective engagement and also optimized your resources. Aivo has Agentbot that can adapt itself in any channel or platforms. Aivo provides a real personalized experience for the clients and customers. Aivo’s AgentBot can easily integrate with third-party platforms like Salesforce, Zapper, Live, etc.


✔️ The best thing is that Avivo supports 50+ languages. That’s what makes this chatbot unique.

✔️ You can do real-time chat with the audience and make questions from the website, mobile apps, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger from one single platform.

✔️ You can analyze your customers’ responses and improve the bot’s replies in the future. 

✔️ Video content & voice SMS available

✔️ Predictive analytic

✔️ Interactive content is available


🚫 This chatbot is Difficult to manage the users’ message intents by different team members


Free Plan- 30-day trial available

Starter Plan- $99/mo

Advanced Plan- $449/mo

Business & Enterprise- contact sales team

For what is best?

If you are on a growing stage, getting more messages across different platforms, and need instant real-time conversation to engage your audience then Avivo could be the best one for you. Avivo adapts the answers automatically across different platforms and engages in real-time conversation. You won’t need to open tabs for multiple platforms and connect with audiences. You can send Proactive alerts to customers through SMS or WhatsApp. Avivo also supports 50 plus languages. So, you can create automation answers for global audiences. Even this bot interprets slang, and errors, and understands emojis, regional differences, and voice messages.

In a growing stage of business, you must have to be active in communication with the audience, and need good management to answer all the queries, and advance reporting. If you are already at this stage, give it a try.

Flow XO

Flow XO - AI chatbot platform

One of the very few platforms that don’t require any sort of codding to set up chatbots; It is possible because Flow XO can integrate with many third-party applications. This one has also a drag-and-drop option with an easy-to-use interface. You can create workflows with it and integrate your AI chatbot with any website or platform.


✔️FlowXO provides more than one marketing tool. It allows users to take advantage of Messenger tools like (Ads and Auto-responder).

✔️ This platform works for different channels or platforms. Users can build chatbot widgets for their websites. They can integrate these chatbot widgets with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook  Whats app, Twilio, and Slack.

✔️ To connect this platform to your site or channel you don’t need any programming skills. 

✔️ Flow XO sends alerts and notifications to your live chat agents.

✔️ Flow XO broadcast your messages to your active users, sends text, and payment links with the help of webhooks and triggers.

✔️ This tool is capable of taking payments via Stripe


🚫 Building Bots is complicated as it requires third-party tools. 

🚫 Can not use any ‘intelligent’ chatbot without third-party tools like Dialogflow. 

🚫 No tagging option or user segments available

🚫 You can’t see the audience questions that your chat bot could not answer

🚫 No video, GIFs sending option available


Free Plan- Supports chatbot and workflow creation, 500 interactions, 5 bots, and 2 weeks of logs.

Standard Plan- $19/month – with chatbot supports, workflow creation,  5000 interactions, 3 months of logs, and allow to download of user data, $ 10 for 5 bots or active flows, $ 25 for connecting with 25,000 interactions.

For what is best?

Flow XO is a powerful chatbot. It will not only help you to send automated messages, but rather support you to do more managerial tasks. You can integrate Flow XO with Buffer, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Intercom, Insightly, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Google Calendar, to name a few and with automated communication build a constant relationship with your audience.

You can also integrate with big e-commerce platforms BigCommerce, Stripe, Recurly, and WooCommerce. Even this same platform will help you to get notifications, keep track record of all chats, send files and even receive your payments. Flow XO is a perfect chatbot for small business and medium-sized businesses.

Its Alive

Its Alive - AI chatbot platform

One of the best bot created for Facebook messenger. Its Alive has the ability to engage with multiple people simultaneously in real time. It can optimize your engagement from the Facebook community. It can respond quite efficiently 24×7. It is fully automated but it works better when you give it some keyword to respond to. It has a good conversational flow. It’s also easier to stop the conversation at any moment which can later be carried on by any human user.


✔️ Provides Tech-oriented service  

✔️ Work With keywords for learning customers’ query 

✔️ The free plan allows using 1,000 messages per month.

✔️ Lead generation and Intercom support.

✔️ Integrates with a lot of tools, and API and also connect with other applications 

✔️ You can get maximum service with a low-budget plan


🚫 Limited Features and less than other ai chatbot platforms

🚫 Testing Capabilities could be improved 

🚫  Most of the features are only for Facebook and messenger not for other channels


Free Version is available and it offers one chatbot and 1,000 monthly messages And Company Offers Three kinds of Paid Plan

Solo – $19/ Month

Plus – $49/ Month

Pro – $99 / Month

Enterprises – Price Varies on Plan

For what is best for?

Besides the automated response function its alive is with Multilingual software, sending Email notification , Full analytics, and KPIs. But ItsAlive is a bit more tech-oriented. Non-tech users take a lot of time and effort to operate this tool. so I think It’s Alive is best for Facebook chatbot builders for digital marketing agencies, big brands, and tech-based startups to automate conversations. Mostly, for companies that interact with multilingual people and want to build and scale conversational experience.

Which AI chatbot platform is best?

Well, it depends on your organization type and your budget.  For small businesses or online business, my recommendation goes for, many chat and flow XO.  But don’t take any decision based on my opinion.

Read the whole review and select a chatbot depending on your service type that meets your future needs and budget. As part of that, consider the following 5 facts before having a chatbot tool:

How to select the best chatbot platform for your business?

Things you need to consider while choosing AI chatbot platform for your business-

Choose the relevant chatbot for business: When you are selecting an AI chatbot platform for your business you must analyze your customer desire and must know about their expectation. Considering all these factors, You can get an appropriate AI chatbot platform that suits your business requirement.

Choose a chatbot that supports different channels: Most of the customers are active on different social media and some of them could be comfortable with social media interaction. Make sure to choose an  AI chatbot platform for your business website. Make sure the same  AI chatbot also supports other digital social media platforms.

Multiple languages: If your business is international and you have customers from different regions. Make sure your chatbot supports more than one language.

Chatbot integration: Choose an AI chatbot platform that has pre-built integration. I mean that it must be able to integrate fully with other marketing tools.

Chatbot security: And Finally last but not the least. Make sure to choose an AI chatbot platform that gives you 100% privacy security with the received information, exchanged, and delivered via chatbot.


You need an AI chatbot platform for your business because customers are always looking for the fastest reply. So in the competitive online world if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to choose all the possible ways to reach the customer before your competitor can reach them. Stay connected with your users, Make a good relationship first with excellent welcoming impressions and interactions, gain trust and then go for sell.