AMAZON MERCH AND HOW IT WORKS : An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All



Since its beginning, print-on-demand (POD) services share the same defining principle. Customers place an order from the catalog of designs available, the firm or business creates the product only after that order has been made. The POD service has revolutionized many sectors of marketing and sales. The “Amazon Merch” service offered the Amazon itself is no different.

Amazon Merch is a print-on-demand T-shirt service

It works as a separate business from Amazon but it is still part of the company itself. From a seller’s perspective, “Amazon Merch” can be benefited in many ways.

If you’re a designer and you want to sell your designs, then “Amazon Merch” can be a wonderful platform. Its function is simple; you upload your design and save it in the T-shirt template zone. You can choose your T-shirt’s style, color and set the price range however you want. You can update your product description and market your products however you can. Moreover, it does not have any upfront cost so you don’t really have to pay for uploading your designs. The main goal is to provide exposure to your products and let the people know that there are good T-shirts over here!

When someone likes your design and wants to purchase it, Amazon will print it on a T-shirt and hand it over to the customer. You will get profit on your T-shirts, you will get it by per T-shirt sold, and that’s why it is important to provide services keeping your customer demand in mind.

Now that we have stated what Amazon Merch is, let us now look at how it exactly works and what is required for the sellers to do before they can actually sell their product. Below is a comprehensive list of how to do it–

1. Request an Invitation


You can’t sign up just like that; Amazon Merch is an invite-only system. You have to request an invitation and wait for it to get accepted. It takes about 3 weeks to 3 months but eventually everyone gets accepted. Since it takes quite some time, it’s better to send the invite beforehand, meaning before you start designing your strategies.

After receiving the invitation, you’ll be able to create a new account in the Amazon Merch login screen. Fill in necessary information like organization name (If there is any), payment option, banking details, tax information, etc.

2. Create Your Design


This is the most important part since your quality and creativity will earn you money. You can’t just make whatever you wish, people won’t buy it. You have to research the T-shirt market and figure out what the public demand is or what is trendy at the moment. Your design will define your product so make sure to put in an extra effort to make something unique and stand out in the market. There are also other various aspects that need to be noted –

– Important Keywords

– Audience

– Niche

– Avoiding copyright infringements

3. Upload Design


After your invitation has been accepted and you’re done making your preferable design, you can start uploading them. How it works is, after you’re logged in, you’ll be given T-shirt templates, you can position and align your design however you like it. Furthermore, you can also choose your T-shirt color and size. Make sure the design matches with the T-shirt color.

But there’s a cache! You can’t just keep on uploading T-shirts one after another. At the initial stage, you’ll only be given 10 slots, which means you’ll only be able to upload 10 of your designs.

However, as you start selling your T-shirts after you’ve hit some sales milestones, more slots will start to unlock. We’ll cover more about this area further down the article.

4. Pricing


An important factor that affects buyers directly. Price is the most sensitive aspect of the whole POD process. You’ll be given to set the price range as however you want, however giving a bizarre price range will only repel the customers away. Don’t forget that Amazon keeps $9.80 per T-shirt sold, so you have to set the price range that balances your margin with the competition.

5. Product Description


You’ll have to input proper keywords and SAO techniques to make sure that your products appear on the search result. This will allow the customers to view your product and buy if they wish to. If your product doesn’t appear on the search results or appears at the very bottom of the search result then it’ll get harder for you to sell the product.

6. Product Pre-launching


Before making your product public, there is an option to access your product catalog via direct link only. This comes in handy during the pre-launching stage because you and whoever you share the link with can buy the T-shirt and ‘beta test’ it to see how it feels and looks physically. If everything is okay, then you can make your store public and start selling T-shirts.

7. Marketing


Like every other product available on the internet, you also need to market for your products. This will provide exposure and will allow the public to know about your product. A good marketing campaign can ensure good revenues if everything else is okay.

How to be Successful Here


Earning money from Amazon Merch is not an easy job. While it is true that there are lower risks here but it is also true that it takes a lot of effort to make money here. Selling a T-shirt is just like selling any other product on Amazon, which means that it needs a huge amount of research, attention, hard work, marketing, and promotion to reach your desired customers. The more effort you give, the more you’ll get. It is as simple as that. The most important factor here is to give exposure to your products and let the public know what you have. Promotion here plays an important role to provide exposure to your products. Some even believe that promotion is the key to success here; nevertheless, it is an important part of being successful here.

Merch by Amazon uses a tiered system to rank the designers, from beginners to pro. This means you can only sell the number of designs that have been assigned to your tier. For example, a beginner who just opened an account in Amazon Merch can only upload and sell 10 different designs. The higher the tier you move up, the more designs you can sell. The tiers are structured as follows–

– 10 designs

– 25 designs

– 100 designs

– 500 designs

– Pro (Invitation only)

So how do you move up the tier? It is quite simple actually; all you need to do is sell more! The more you sell, the more it’ll impact your tier level. Be that as it may, leveling up and moving up the tier isn’t purely based on sales only, there are more factors, for example, the quality of your T-shirt or the customer feedback. Everything counts and helps you to level up.