The Best Time To Post Reels On Instagram & boost engagement

Are you looking to post new reels on Instagram but don’t know when is the best time to do it?

Wondering how to get the most out of your Instagram account?

Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the different factors that go into determining when is the best time to post reels on Instagram.

We will also give you some tips on how to make sure that your reels look their best and leave a lasting impression. So if you’re ready to take your Instagram account to the next level, read on!

What is a reel?

Instagram Reel is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos in sequential order. It’s mostly used to show off one’s creative skills, but it can also be used to promote products or services. By creating an Instagram reel, you can give your business a boost by attracting more customers and followers.

Sample of Instagram Reels

Tips on the Best Time to Post Your Reels on Instagram

When it comes to social media, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that being said, the best time to share your reel will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of account you have and the type of content you’re sharing. However, here are some essential factors that you should keep in mind before posting reels on Instagram to help you get started.

Where is Your Audience Located?

Well, the location of your audience will vary depending on the specific Instagram account that you are targeting. To find out where your audience is located on Instagram, you can use the “locate followers” feature. This will allow you to see which countries and cities are most active on your account. You can also use this information to target your marketing strategy by focusing on specific regions or demographics.

Additionally, aim to post reels that are different and make sure they captivate users right away – a well-captioned reel will help achieve this goal!

What Time is Your Audience Awake?

Instagram user is following the best time to post Instagram reels
When to post reels on Instagram?

When it comes to posting content on social media, the best time is usually during the morning or evening hours when people are awake and active. By doing this, you’re bound to receive more engagement and followers.

You can also enhance your photos with filters to give them a unique look that will grab attention. Try posting different types of content at different times of the day – for example, post videos during the daytime and post photo stories at night time! This way you’ll be able to reach multiple target audiences in one go without tiring yourself out too much.

Find Your Unique Offering

When posting your reel on Instagram, it is important to time it well so that followers get a chance to see the content at its best. Try posting on weekdays during office hours or in the morning when people are most likely to be online.

Make sure each post is of high quality and engaging – this will help attract followers and amplify the reach of your content. Like other social media platforms, engagement on Instagram plays an important role – make sure you share likes, comments and insights with those who follow you!

Produce More Content

Producing content is one of the best ways to attract followers and improve your website’s visibility. Via posts that are interesting, shareable, and time-sensitive, you can drive more engagement on your social media accounts and increase the chances of being found by potential customers.

It’s best to post reels at the right time of day – morning, noon or night – as this will allow followers a chance to digest everything in less time. Also, make sure to use relevant hashtags so that all your content can be easily found by users interested in that topic area.

Create and Participate in Challenges

There are many great ways to get involved and create content for your Instagram reel, but some of the most popular include creating challenges and hosting Q&A sessions. By hosting a challenge, you can encourage others to participate by sharing the link on social media or during live broadcasts. This way, everyone has an opportunity to learn something new and see how they compare with others. It’s also fun to see who can come up with the best idea or answer a challenging question!

Another great way to generate traffic for your reels is through participation in contests that offer valuable prizes. Many of these contests require entrants to submit their best work (usually photos or videos), so it’s a good way to build relationships and cultivate content creators within your network. Additionally, monetization opportunities may be available if you win a prize!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to amplify the reach of your Instagram reels. By including a set number of hashtags in each post, you can help to organically grow your audience. When it comes to hashtags, specificity is key. Use hashtags that are specific to your industry and target audience.

Additionally, by pairing them with interesting and intuitive captions, you can entice more people to explore and share your content. This will make the reels easier for potential followers to find, and increase their chances of engaging with what you post.

There is no one right ratio for hashtags on Instagram reels; just make sure that they are strategic and relevant to the subject matter at hand. For example, if you’re featuring yoga poses or healthy food recipes, then include appropriate #yoga #foodpics tags so that followers will find your posts helpful and entertaining.

Collaborate with Other Instagrammers

Collaborating with other Instagramers on your Instagram reels can be a great way to give them credit and show off the best of your work. To get started, first find all of the other influencers that you want to collaborate with on your reel.

Then, start by reviewing their latest posts and determining what content is appropriate for inclusion in your reel. Next, use these topics as inspiration for creating captivating visuals that will capture the attention of potential followers.

Once you have created everything from scratch, it is time to submit your reel to Insta Stories! This will allow all of the collaborators access to view and comment on it together before deciding whether or not it should go live on their own accounts.

Although this process can be a bit challenging at times, collaboration can lead to some amazing outcomes!

5 Effective Methods to Gather Feedback on Your Reels

Engagement is key on social media – if your reels aren’t getting the engagement they deserve, it’s time to rethink your posting strategy. Here are five effective methods to get the engagement you need on your reels:

1. Use influencer content on your reel to get followers interested in the types of content you post.

2. Post videos that are relevant to your reel topic and target a specific audience.

3. Share reels on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter throughout the day, so followers have plenty of opportunities to view them all at once or jump between different posts right from their smartphones or laptops.

4. Ask followers for feedback on each post (either right after they’ve viewed it or later on when they’re thinking about posting something similar).

5. Use analytics tools like social media marketing software to see which posts are generating the best engagement and adapt your posting strategy accordingly!

Which is the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram?

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Best time to post reels on Instagram

What Times are Instagram Users Most Active?

When it comes to posting reels on Instagram, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, according to a study by Instagram, the best time to post reels is in the evening hours. This is when users are most active on the social media platform and are more likely to engage with your content. Make sure to post during peak times on Instagram, which are 8pm-12am EST. And of course, hashtags are a big time-saver when it comes to getting your reel noticed. Use the right ones, in the right post, and you’re good to go!

Worst Time to Post Instagram Reels

Instagram is all about engagement. How can you make sure that your reels get the engagement they deserve? Post-engagement rates are lower during the weekdays and during late nights. So, if you want to maximize your reach, post reels on the weekends and at night.

In addition, make sure your reels are interesting, and captioned properly, and post them frequently enough for followers to get a good idea of what you’re up to. In the end, it’s all about putting your best foot forward on Instagram and giving followers what they want.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that social media is an important tool for businesses of all sizes. But posting great reel content on Instagram is especially crucial for businesses in the creative industry.

Make sure your reels are high-quality and captioned well to get the best engagement rates.

Additionally, use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and post stories on Insta Stories to get even more engagement.

And last but not least, be on the lookout for popular hashtags and use them when posting your reel content on Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions

When to post reels on Instagram?

The best time to post on Instagram Reels is in the morning when it’s more active. This is the time when people are awake and online, so your Reels will have a better chance of getting engagement. Additionally, you can post Reels during lunchtime or after work, as these are peak times for engagement on social media. Make sure you caption your Reel with interesting and catchy words that will catch the viewer’s attention.

Does it matter what time you post on Instagram Reels?

Yes, it does matter what time you post on Instagram Reels. The best times to share are usually during the morning and evening hours when people are awake and active. You’ll reach more potential followers this way, as they will see your posts in their feed at a time that is likely to be most engaging for them.

How many times should I post on Instagram Reels?

When it comes to posting on Instagram Reels, you should post at least once a day but make sure that the posts are high quality and engaging. Try to mix up the types of videos you upload – pictures, videos and even GIFs! Utilize hashtags correctly so that people can easily find your content.

How do I get more views on Instagram Reels?

Getting more views on your Instagram Reels is simple if you follow the right steps. To see the best results, post your Reels during weekday times (between 9am-5pm) and during the afternoon hours (2-6pm). You can also try using hashtags for better visibility on social media platforms. For example, try posting your Reels on #travelgram #instagramreel #moviephotography to get the most engagement from followers. Finally, think about promoting your Reels on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well. By doing this, you’ll reach a wider audience and help increase the visibility of your content.


Instagram is a great way to share your creative work with the world. However, posting reels on this social media platform can be challenging. To get the best engagement on your reels, follow the tips listed in this post. Additionally, keep in mind the best time to post reels on Instagram when users are most active. Finally, don’t forget to provide users with the opportunity to provide feedback on your reels.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found this post helpful!