Canva Review: Amazing Design Tool for Non-Technical Persons

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Are you looking for a smart and easy graphic design tool that you can use for all of your publishing needs, whether it’s for Instagram or YouTube, freelancing or startups, or simply fundamental graphic design skills? Let’s check out this “canva review” to become more transparent about canva designing tool that will definitely help you to determine if it would be the best choice for you or not.

Take my word for it! You won’t need to hire or rely on any graphic designers for your business if you use Canva. It is a super easy tool and versatile with thousands of magnificent templates. You just need to spend 10 minutes here to learn how to navigate Canva as a beginner to create graphics for your small business or social media postings. You will also get step-by-step guidelines on how to create posts with Canva by utilizing Canva’s impressive features.

I’ve also broken down Canva Free vs. Canva Paid vs Canva Enterprise and highlighted the main advantages of the paid versions so you can determine if you need it later for your business or not.

Let’s start!!

What is Canva? is a powerful graphic design tool popular among expert designers and non-designers. This tool has an impressive number of templates, features, free and paid designs, stickers, text designs, fonts and font pairs. With this one design tool, you can simply create stunning graphics, logos, invitations, bouchers, business cards, billboard covers, channel art for your enterprises, and other backdrops for your social media sites.

It is cloud-based, so you don’t need to download the software, but you can use it on your Android and iOS too. You can sign up for free and use the free version smoothly.

As an alternative to Illustrator and Photoshop, it does not require a high level of editing skills. In this sense, this is a great tool for learning graphic design and experimenting with graphics. You’ll obtain the greatest outcomes in return for the time and effort you’re willing to put into it.

Keep Reading this full blog on “Canva Review” to know more about its usage and other facts that you should know.


Almost everyone used Photoshop and Illustrator until Canva came around. However, Adobe is a high-priced and highly skilled piece of software. Because of Adobe’s typical function, many individuals have lost interest in graphic design. Print on demand tasks could not be done as fast or as simple back then. Canva has revolutionized the graphics design industry. Millions of individuals have used this program and set up this designing tool for business because of its simple interface and a large number of templates.

Canva is an all in one design tool that allows users to design nearly anything, from marketing to branding. Designers can pick any template, build an exceptional design, modify the layouts, colors, fonts, add and delete elements, and make use of other outstanding features such as stock photography, video footage, and audio clips without any trouble.

Almost everyone now uses this tool, from professional designers to non-professional designers, traditional marketers to digital marketers, company owners to freelancers, content creators to photographers. also brought out tremendous success in the POD marketing industry. Canva has made the POD designers’ work easier and brought variation to their work. Print-on-demand marketers and e-commerce merchants are designing stunning caps, masks, mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, and phone covers and earning more passive revenue than ever before. If you want to establish your own enterprise, you don’t need to hire a professional graphics designer. With canva you can easily design anything you need.


Canva is simply a good photo editing tool for windows. There are numerous free picture design software like Canva, but none of them can provide you with the same level of quality output. Canva is free. This designing tool is actually free to sign in. You’ll have the liberty to all of Canva’s free features once you join Canva designing tool. It works best for new learners. Particularly, Canva is good for businesses especially like- Start-Ups, e-commerce businesses, print on demand businesses such as travel agencies, restaurant businesses, and educational institutions.

All of these organizations can make attractive content to engage customers by using Canva font pairs, animate text in Canva, canva transparent background, Canva outlines, Canva BG remover, Canva Shadows (Glow, Drop, Angle, Curved, Page lift, Angle), Canva Photogenic, Canva smart mock-ups, Canva style transfer, Canva Frame, Canva code art, Canva slice and many more. In a nutshell, Canva will give you a big shot for your enterprise.

Let me drive you into Canva features-

canva features - canva review

Access to Photo, Videos, Features and Templates: offers a wide range of images, videos, layouts, and music to choose from. You may choose from over 70 million photos and movies in categories such as food, nature, animals, travel, and more. High-resolution images and videos are available.

You may also choose from over 420,000 beautiful templates in 36 different categories (Infographics, Brochures, Cards, Logos, Newsletters, Posters, Cover Art, Invoices, Websites, Flyers, etc.) that are both stunning and appealing. You can select any template from the options, or simply type the template name into the search bar, and Canva will present you with a list of perfectly sized templates. You can also enjoy a list of outstanding features, including photos, icons, print products, apps, graphs, and charts.

Canva is flexible when it comes to uploading images and videos. You can easily upload images, videos, or folders straight from your computer, Google Drive, social platforms, Pinterest, Pexels, Pixabay, and other websites.

Access to Icon, Shape and Stickers:

You’ll get access to a large variety of components in Canva, including shapes, icons, 3D graphics, stickers, charts, and much more. These components will undoubtedly provide life to your design. You can effortlessly drag the icons into your design, rotate them to find the right position, adjust their color, resize them, or make them transparent.

Font Library:

Using new fonts and writing styles in your content may instantly make them look more spring-like. Canva has a large selection of fonts, organized from simple to eye-catching. You may create a basic headline, subtitle, or body text, or use the font style to make it spectacular.

Animate Image/ Text:

As a result of the same style and layout, your content may get boring. It will no longer grab the attention of your audience. Canva is a tool that allows you to make animated content with its animated effect.

Drag and Drop Editor:

canva text animation effects

The drag-and-drop tool in Canva makes dealing with the components very straightforward and adaptable. You are free to take the pictures and put them wherever you like.

Photo Effect To Improve Image:

You’ll find a slew of picture editing features in the Canva designing tool. You can reduce the dullness of your content and make it more vibrant and eye-catchy. On the level, you can also make it brighter or darker, make the backdrop transparent or blur the background and even omit the unwanted portions. You can enjoy more fabulous features with Canva Pro.

canva photo effects

Brand Kit:

With Canva’s Brand Kit, you’ll be more manageable and organized than ever. You can store or save all your brand elements (Logo, Fonts, color, memo) in the brand kit and use them whenever you like. It’s really convenient, saves time and makes work more efficient.

canva brand kit

Content Creator and Planner:

Canva is a convenient and multitasking tool. Not every platform gives you the opportunity to create a post and schedule it for publication on multiple platforms from the same site. Canva designing tool is both a content creator and planner. If you’ve missed out on any valuable content, you can quickly create it using Canva and schedule it on the seven platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr).

Canva Free Vs Paid

canva content planner

When it comes to Canva’s free and pro editions, many people are perplexed by the large price difference. A question often comes to mind: is it worth paying for canva? Should I choose Canva Pro instead of being a free user?

So, to clear your confusion, I’ve done all I can to provide you with a complete breakdown of canva pricing and its benefits so that you can make an informed decision. Canva has three pricing plans-

  • Canva Free – 0 $ USD
  • Canva Pro – 119.99/ Year Annually
  • Canva Enterprise – $30.00 per Month (Approximately)

Let’s get into the details-


If you’re a freelancer or a beginner graphic designer, you may just use the free version. If you want to create a business and then upgrade to Canva Pro, you may do both with the same account. The free version is completely free. You won’t receive the whole benefit like a pro, but near enough.

  • Free templates: 250,000+
  • Free Photo: 200K
  • Free Font style: 1700
  • Free Graphics elements: 57K+
  • Video: 13K
  • Animation effects: 6
  • Free audio tracks: 75
  • Free folders advantage : 2
  • Brand kit : Only 1 Colored
  • Free cloud storage: 5 GB

Canva Pro:

If you pay for Canva Pro you will get Canva premium features. Canva Pro would give you more value if you are a professional graphics designer, freelancer, or business owner. Canva Pro may be used alone or in a small group of up to five individuals at the same time. You can boost productivity and take your content to the next level with Canva Pro. Canva Pro costs $119.99 for a year, or $12.99 per month if paid in installments. It is, nevertheless, worthwhile because it following comprises

  • Free templates: 420 K+
  • Free Photo: 71M
  • Free Font style: 3000
  • Free Graphics elements: 4.5 M
  • Video: 2.5 M
  • Animation effects: 14
  • Free audio tracks: 25K
  • Free folders advantage: UNLIMITED
  • Brand kit: UNLIMITED
  • Free cloud storage: 100 GB

You can enjoy more options with Canva Pro like animator, background removal, magic resize, transparent image, Image overlay, content planner, set download quality, scheduled social media, upload new font etc.

Canva Enterprise:

According to the company’s website, Canva Enterprise costs around $30.00 per month. You can, however, contact Canva’s Help Center for assistance. Corporate organizations, enterprises, agencies, and franchisees with a big number of members will benefit from the Canva enterprise option. You will enjoy the same features as Canva Pro. Additionally, you can enjoy multiple brand kits, control your team access to apps, control team uploads, unlimited storage, single sign-on (SSO) and more.

Canva Bonus

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Canva Customer Support

If you have any problems with payments or anything else, you can contact the Canva help center or give them a call for assistance. The following are the current response times for the website:

  • Canva Free – 1 week
  • Canva Pro – within 24 hours
  • Enterprise – within 2 hours
  • Print – within 24 hours
  • Nonprofit and Education – within 48 hours

Is Canva Safe?

You know, tools and platforms are extremely useful when it comes to providing highly secured data. Many platforms and tools have become unable to provide security to their users but Canva is secured for personal or enterprise usage.

Canva has some security features like – Encryption, Data security, In-app permissions, Monitored and resiliency, Secure development practice. Canva claims that they will provide you with their best cyber security. But you have to carefully operate your account by following the guideline

  1. Create Strong Password with (upper case, lowercase, numbers, digital and special characters.
  2. Provide a valid recovery Email address that will help you to notify and recover your account if you have forgotten your password or may face unexpected issues or threads.
  3. If you are a Canva Enterprise User, try your best to use a security solution like McAfee Identity Theft Protection. It will keep your data safe and monitor your data.

Canva Pros and Cons

Every platform has upsides and downsides. Canva is no different. Whatever, how you react to its performance is up to you.

Now, Based on my own experience I’m going to share with you what are the advantages and disadvantages of Canva? I believe it will assist you in navigating Canva.

Let’s get on to it.


    • Flexible and Fast: No doubt, Canva is the best photo editing app for windows. The interface of this designing tool is Super easy. Beginners will find Canva simpler to learn quickly, work smoothly and progress rapidly.
    • Time Saver: You don’t need to give effort to create designs, templates, shaper, or text designs. This designing tool has millions of ready-made templates and elements that can give your content a professional look. You can simply put any design, fonts, or template, change color, resize it and customize it based on your choice.
    • Access to thousands of images and videos: If you use Canva, you won’t have to rely on other sites like Istock, Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Dreamstime, and so on. It offers exclusive and premium quality photographs and videos to all users, whether they are Pro or free.
    • Team cooperation: Canva also allows you to co-operate content designing with other members of your team. You may share your design with others via email and work together. Canva collaboration provides new learners with a great opportunity to share their designs with experts and learn through guidelines.
    • All in One: Canva integrates with a variety of tools and platforms, including cloud storage, social networking platforms, CRM systems, music shops, and more. You may upload photographs from your computer to Canva, create content, schedule it for distribution across several channels, and save it to your Dropbox directly from Canva.


      • Exclusive elements need a subscription: Canva has a free version but users can’t enjoy all features. For example, Users only can get premium templates, icons, graphics, enjoy unlimited storage, brand kit or content calendar only after upgrading to the Canva Pro.
      • Least Search Results: The free graphics and templates of Canva are not up to the mark. At the same time, free users get fewer search results. Maximum icons and images show the canva pro mark. Sometimes users are also unable to change the color, designs or size of the free graphic.
      • Watermark Issue: Some of the interfaces of canva are not good. It sometimes shows paid elements to users instead of free. If users use the paid graphics they face a watermark issue after download.
      • Offline Feature Not Available: Many tools exist that allow you to navigate without using the internet. Canva includes desktop and mobile apps, however, users may only utilize this tool if they have access to the internet. Adobe is preferable to Canva in this aspect.
      • Not Advanced for video: Canva is good for graphics designing and social media content creation but video edit is not satisfactory. There are other tools which have better configuration and more advanced features than Canva for video edit.

    Alternative to Canva

    Many canva alternatives provide more complex and distinctive capabilities than canva, such as data visualization, professional templates, artwork, animation, brand kit, and many more. Based on my experience, I selected the top eight options for you. My given recommendations might assist you in future changing your tool.

    Tool 1: #Crello :

    Crello is considered one of the top 2021 for graphics design after Canva. You can use Crello if you are bored with Canva and want to make modifications to your design. This tool will certainly improve the graphics of your content and bring it to life. You can enjoy and select varieties of colored themes, lively drawings, icons, backgrounds, stickers, font styles, and font types. This program is great for creating engaging and attractive content for audiences, which is why it’s good for digital marketers and creators. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t feature commercial templates. Check out Crello pricing plans:

    • Free Pan: $ 0 USD.
    • The Pro plan:  $ 7.99 USD / Month

    Tool 2: #Adobe Spark:

    The second tool on my list of Canva alternatives is Adobe Spark. This is a popular tool for those who aren’t skilled designers. The user interface (UI) of this program is simple, super fast, and adaptable. Users can take pleasure in numerous templates, backdrops and other design elements including icons, photographs and logotypes. This software, like Canva, has a Google Drive interface.

    There are three pricing types available for this program. Check out the plan below

    • Individual: $ 9.99 USD / Month
    • Team plan : 19.99 $ USD / Month

    Tool 3: #Visme:

    Visme, like Canva, is an all-in-one graphics design tool for both professionals and non-professionals. This tool is often used for infographics, financial papers, and marketing materials. This tool also includes components such as a brand kit, an image library, an audio library, drawings, charts, a map, collaboration, drag & drop, and many more. However, in comparison to Canva, Visme offers 100 MB of free storage for free users, but free users have restricted components and Visme is somewhat more expensive for the subscription.

    Visme features four pricing models: free, standard, business, and enterprise.

    • Free: $ 0  USD / Month
    • Standard: $ 15 USD / Month
    • Business: $  29 USD / Month
    • Enterprise: (Varies based on the organization size)

    Tool 4: #Design Wizard :

    This tool has a quick and easy user interface. Users can enjoy plenty of ready-made templates, millions of copyright free images from this software. Designers can simply resize their design, create logos, and write attractive captions. There are a sufficient number of marketing content, cards, channel arts, tumblr, certificates which a marketing designer needs. This tool has achieved millions of responses within a short time due to its simplicity and excellent liberty.

    You can either enjoy it free or choose from the following pricing options

    • Pro Users:   $ 7.42 USD / Month
    • Commercial Users: $ 37.42 USD / Month

    Tool 5: #Easel:

    This is the finest Canva alternative. Easil’s free users get access to 2500+ templates, 1 million free stock photos, layers and groups, icons, font and text effects, and folders. This tool is often used by creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and bloggers to produce a variety of social media posts of various sizes. One exclusive feature is that you can make GIFs. There is no better option than Easil if you wish to establish your own business.

    Aside from being free, there are two paid options for getting extra features:

    • Easel Plus:  $ 6.25 USD / Month
    • Edge:  $ 49 USD / Month

    Tool 6: #Snappa:

    This application is well suited for marketers, startups, Youtubers, and bloggers for producing channel artwork and graphics. This tool will provide you business templates with a casual style, HD images, black and white corporate icons and vectors, links to social network accounts, links to buffer, transparent backgrounds, and font upload. This application isn’t as advanced as Canva in terms of animation and GIF effects, and free users have limitations, but it still can be considered as a good alternative.

    Snappa’s pricing policy is as follows:

    • Starter:  $ 0 USD / Month
    • Pro: $ 10 USD / Month
    • Team: $ 20 USD/ Month

    Tool 7: #Stencil:

    This tool is pretty simple. You do not need to be an experienced graphic designer to enjoy this application. You can enjoy a great deal of photographs, backgrounds, 10,000 quotations, over 1 million icons, templates, illustrators, and logos. This application, like Canva, can help you create a brand kit, upload your logo and add your own font. This application is popular among marketers, although it is mostly used by social inspiring persons. It is, without a doubt, an ideal tool for POD designers, particularly those who build quotes-based POD goods.

    You have two price options you can choose-

    • Pro: $ 9 USD / Month
    • Unlimited: $ 12 USD / Month

    Tool 8: #Picmonkey:

    Picmonkey is a head to head competitor of Canva. It has a variety of bright templates, themes, photos, videos and graphics. You can best utilize this tool if you start content from scratch. This tool is also known as the best alternative to photoshop because of its retouch elements, frames, effects, textures. You can also create a collage. This tool is mainly used by photographers and professional designers who want to make their designs stylish and standard.

    All things are good but unfortunately, there is no free subscription. The paid plans are-

    • Basic:  $ 7.99 USD  / Month
    • Pro: $ 12.99 USD / Month
    • Team: $ 33.99 USD / Month

    Tool 9: #Glorify:

    Glorify is a brand-new graphic design tool. However, designers love this tool because of its incredible stock resources, which include templates, themes, graphics, mockup objects, icons, brankit, and, most importantly, realistic reflection and shadow effects. The user interface is also quite simple.

    Glorify primarily serves as an e-commerce platform. If you want to establish your own business or start your career as a freelancer, using Glorify rather than Canva would be advantageous to you. Even Drop-shippers and funnel hackers also utilize Glorify. Glorify can give your material authenticity, making it so strong that it grabs your audience’s attention, enhances content engagement, and raises your ROI. To know more about this amazing designing tool go for “Glorify Review“.

    There are two pricing plans of Glorify along with a 30-days Money-Back-Guarantee after the first Trial. The plans are-

    • Free: $ 0
    • PRO PLAN: $ 9.99 / month (Billed Yearly)

    How to Use Canva

    Now that you know all about Canva features, let’s get straight into how it works. I’m providing you with a Canva Design Tutorial of how you can create Holiday motivational quotes with Canva.

    Step 1: Choose the design type:

    Go to Canva Dashboard. You will get various options. Select the type of design (Social media, Personal, business, marketing, education) you want to create. You can also directly search it from the search bar or customize any dimension for a unique layout.

    canva design ideas

    Step 2: Select a template and make modifications:

    After selecting the design type, You will get the template option on the right corner. You can choose any image that matches your quotation or tips. You can upload your own photo as well. Next, drag the template onto the editor box and fix it. (Make sure that the Image / Temp is free from CopyRight)

    canva templates

    Step 3: Resize it:

    You will be able to resize the image. If you choose from a template you may not need to Resize it again. But if you are creating a custom made post then make sure to resize it before adding elements. I make motivating quotes that are 1200 pixels wide and 1200 pixels in height. You can do the same. Take note that if you make another post, such as an instagram post, infographics, Channel art, or anything else, the size will be different.

    canva resize image

    Step 4: Add Overlay/ Shape/ Element:

    Go to the element option and select the shape (Square / Circle / Triangle) or illustration ( Flower/ Papers/ Design)  you want to add to the Image. You may alter the element’s color from the color palette and adjust the size by moving the corner site of the element.

    canva overlay

    You can change the color of the element or use an overlay if you want the audience to see the entire backdrop. The nicest part is that the opacity of the overlays can be adjusted low to high by clicking transparency and dragging the slider.

    How to make color transparent on Canva

    Step 5: Adjust the Alignment:

    Make a good position or alignment of the element you set for. Above the board you will get the option position. Now select which position (Bottom / Top/ Centre) you want to place the element. You can give it vertical or horizontal alignment. Fixed it backward of the Image or Forward.

    canva align elements

    Step 6: Add Text and Font style:

    After you’ve finished designing, go to the text choice on the board’s left side and choose a font style, fix it and lock it. You may choose from over 1700 free trendy fonts to use in your image.

    You can use a fancy font or standard font. If you want to create any humorous quotes then use fancy fonts. If you are creating tips for life, inspirational quotes or motivational ideas then use a standard and simple font to make it easy to read.

    The most attractive thing about Canva is that it will offer you font pairs whenever you are searching for fonts. If you want to add extra speech about your name, brand identity, web address or anything with the quotes you may put it in the font pairs.

    canvas text and font align

    Step 7: Download your creation or Share it:

    When you’re finished, you may save it as a PNG or JPG. If you’re a Canva Pro user, you’ll be able to post it on your social network accounts or schedule it for publication in the content calendar.

    canvas text and font align

    Conclusion on Canva Review

  • Now, After having my comprehensive canva review you could have realized the ultimate value of Canva. After having some practical experience with Canva and other web-based applications, you’ll definitely recognize Canva is far better than any other options. You will not require any other third party support for your business if you could become a Canva Pro. However, even after reading the entire article, if you still feel that it isn’t the right tool for you, feel free to switch to one of the alternatives I have suggested above. Have you used this outstanding tool before? If it’s a yes! Share your review on Canva.