Generate Your Own T-shirt Ideas? It’s Easy If You Are Smart

t-shirt ideas


Every great thing begins with just an ‘idea’ and same goes for T-shirt designs. You cannot just make a design without an T-shirt ideas. Whether you’re an independent business owner or a brand, every T-Shirt design starts off as an idea. The design is a visible illustration of any intangible T-shirt ideas or concept. In order to improve as an artist, designer or illustrator, it is crucial to continually create new designs and keep on practicing their skills. There is a universally accepted equation, which is

Better T-Shirt ideas = better designs = better sales.

t-shirt ideas

However, even if your design is average, if your idea or concept of the T-shirt is solid, it’ll sell! But how do you come up with better T-Shirt ideas? Even apart from relying on your subconscious to come with an idea all of a sudden, there are various ways to come up with an idea or concept you’re looking for. For example, you can look into ‘what’s hot’ in the market or what the public demand is. Anyways, let’s take a deeper look on how to generate ideas.

Before deciding which T-shirt design to make, you first need to determine your target market and which niche to pursue. You can have limitless T-shirt ideas about various areas but it gets a lot easier to think if you have selected your preferred niche.

Pick a niche that is trendy in the market and goes with you. Once you are done picking your niche, it’ll get easier to build up ideas for your niche and then slowly head to sub-niches. For example, if your niche is navy then your sub-niche can be navy daughter or navy mother etc.

t-shirt ideas

Google is the first place to start. Type in different keywords and go through other t-shirt designs of other sellers –the T-shirt ideas is to find a solid phrase or design and improve on it. Intensive research is required to find just the perfect idea that you can work on. It might take a lot of your time but if you find the right design idea, it’s all worth it. Go through ALL the designs that would fit well with your particular niche. Some might think, if it’s not an original idea, it won’t sell. However, that’s not true because if you find something and improvise on it to make it your own, it could become even better than the original.

Save Every Idea, don’t let any idea go to waste! You might not need an idea now but it could become very useful for your future projects. An ‘idea’ can become a very valuable asset if it’s used correctly and in the right time. To keep your ideas safe and secure from getting lost, you can save them in various places apart from your mind. You can use sticky notes or a diary or even a mobile app to keep your ideas secure, save them whenever wherever they pop up in your mind. Once you’ve been saving ideas, you can scroll back and revisit your old ideas. You never know which one will come in handy. Saving ideas as notes help retain old ideas and sparks new ideas, combinations and much more.

This might sound awfully similar to our previous point, but it has its own benefits as well as sharing similarity with our previous point. This helps the best when you’re running low on ideas and you need jump start in your idea collection. Google any idea you want that is relevant to your niche, list/jot them all down.

t-shirt ideas

You can keep it in a folder in your desktop or Google drive or anything similar to these. Save all those images that are somewhat relevant to your niche, some may connect to your niche very well. Whenever you’re running low on ideas, visit these images and start analyzing them, try arranging them in a categorized order which will help you to find any specific image you’re looking for among hundreds of images.

If you do this quite often, at some point, you’ll discover a pattern of design, these patterns will later help you generate ideas based on what customers prefers or loves in a T-shirt.

Always try to stay updated and keep up with the ongoing trends. The current generations of teens are always on the hype train and indulge themselves in various trends. The trends cause the market demand for various types of designs and merchandise. If you’re able to keep up with the dynamic market demand, its possible to generate great ideas for your T-shit design.

The quickest way to connect you with your customers is through designs that demonstrate humor. In this current era, humor is a key element in everything. People wants to laugh and what better is there than satire, humor or creative!