7 Perfect Steps on How to Choose a Username for Instagram Business

Whether you’re new to Instagram or an experienced online marketer, it’s important to know how to choose a username for Instagram business.

Why is Choosing Username for Instagram Account Important?

Because –

✅ It represents your online brand identity

✅ It helps your audience understand what your brand is all about.

✅ Makes it easy for the audience to find your products.

✅ Make you unique and different from the crowd of the same niche.

By the way, as it represents your brand identity your Instagram username must have to be easy, memorable and creative. I have suggested to you 2 best tools that will help you to find a perfect Instagram username if you don’t have a creative idea. So let’s know the 7 easy steps that you should follow when choosing username for Instagram business!

By the way, as it represents your brand identity your Instagram username must have to be easy, memorable and creative. I have suggested to you 2 best tools that will help you to find a perfect Instagram username if you don’t have a creative idea. So let’s know the 7 easy steps on how to choose a username for Instagram business!

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a username that is catchy, eye-catching, and perfect for your account. So go ahead and get started – your perfect username awaits!

Identify the Purpose of Your Instagram Account

The first step in creating a successful Instagram account is to identify the purpose of your account. What are you going to sell? Are you going to provide content for startup businesses? Or do you want to sell t-shirts for cat lovers? Or do you want to share celebrity news? Your username must have to be related to your niche + content type. Like if you decide to run an Instagram account to share business motivation you can choose a name – @startupmotivation. If you are selling content for coffee lovers then @coffeeaddicts could be the best one for you. If you are a news presenter and want to provide news on celebrity lifestyles then @starstory could be a perfect username for your Instagram account.

Before choosing an Instagram username, you must think about what your purpose is. It will make your work easy.

Research Competitor’s Username & Make a List of Some Potential Usernames

Research on Instagram who are your competitors? Make a list of your competitors who are providing content in the same niche. Check out their username and put it on the same list. Think out the names. And highlight the names you like most. Now think what could be best for you? Don’t copy any name. You can make a collage by selecting names from two different accounts but try to avoid direct copy.

For example: from the competitor’s research you have like 3 different names for the niche “Dog”. The names are @doglover_usa, @thedogoworld, @dogographer. You can select a name “dogogram” being inspired by the second and third name.

Check Availability on Social Media Sites

Now that you have selected the name “dogogram”, make sure to check availability on social media sites. But don’t only check it on Instagram. Check it on different social media channels too. It will make you double sure if this domain really exists or not. If it’s available on any social media site try to avoid it and think of something new.

If you don’t find the username available on any social media then it is the perfect one for you. Now, You can promote it across all of your social media platforms. By doing this, you will increase the chances of people finding and following your account.

Include Keywords in Your Username

Including keywords that are relevant to your business. It will increase the chances of achieving follower growth and increasing brand visibility. When you create an Instagram account, make sure to automatically add some relevant keywords to your username so that people searching for those terms will see your profile first. For example: If your niche is “business” but your purpose is to sell ideas or motivation. Ideas, secrets, hacks, rules or motivation could be the best keywords. You can set an Instagram username like- businessidea, businessmotivation, idlebusinessidea, starupideas, startuptheory, businessrule, startupmotivation, businessgoal, startupsecrets etc.

You can also add the keywords in the Instagram bio by sharing your motive. It will help others know what valuable information you are selling to them.

[ Remember: Including keywords in all aspects of your online presence helps maximize SEO opportunities, which could lead to higher website traffic and greater sales prospects down the road! ]

Pick a Username That reflects Your Brand and align with long term goals –

One of the biggest challenges that any business owner faces is creating a username that accurately represents their brand. This can be difficult because you want something unique and easy to remember, but it’s quite hard to find out. Instagram is a highly competitive social media platform. Niche based account race is taught here. Maximum easy spelled name has been taken. And if you just choose a name that’s irrelevant and hard to spell, it will not work for a long-term goal. Your real audience will not visit your Instagram account.

In that case, start by thinking about what your brand’s main focus is?  Is it only niche-specific? What’s the SP (selling point) or USP of your account? If you know this it’s nothing to find out an outstanding Instagram name. For example:

if your company specializes in wedding photography and catering services, consider username ideas like “wedding&events”, “weddingplanner”, “wedding foundar” etc.

So, when choosing username for instagram, make sure it fits the overall tone and brand of your business.

Make it Relatable to Your Content and Target Audience

When you are creating your account on Instagram, be sure to choose a username that is relatable to your niche. It will help you get the right audience.For example, if your niche Is “Fitness and Exercise” consider using terms like “fit&healthy,” “fitnessgoals,” or “Fitme.”

Keep it Simple, Memorable and Bias free

Try to choose a unique and creative username that is not matched with any other account. But to create it unique don’t make it complex. Because a complex or long name may be difficult for others to pronounce and remember. It is also difficult to type and find a profile.

So, when coming up with a username, keep it short, easy to spell and bias free. Yes, Bias free is important to spread your content and rank it. Like if you choose an Instagram account name –  @fishlover_usa that indicates this account is only for Fish lovers who live in the USA. It will not help you out reach audiences living in other countries and you will have limited audiences. If you want to work within a particular audience, region or for a particular gender you can add it. Like if you sell t-shirts only for girls you can use the name @tshirtfemini. But if you want to spend your content or product be bias free.

Including What Keywords in a Username Gives You More Clicks from the Right Audience?

1. For Bloggers and influencers: You don’t have to be a creative thinker for that. Don’t spend more time searching for that. Use some common keywords with your name. Like if you are a beauty blogger use your name along with the keyword blogger, vlogger, influencer Example @blogger_linda , @Inspirebylinda , if you are a food vlogger in USA try names such as @foodlinda.usa.

2. For Entrepreneurs and Social media specialists: If you are an entrepreneur you can use your name plus keyword tool like “coachjain”,@ jainsadvice, @jainlaw, jainstheory #consultjain jainandpros @comunistjainetc.

3. Pet lovers: Pets are the best niches to work with. As it’s a group or community you can use some words like world, fench, lover, community, club, family, circle, team etc. For example @puglover_ig, @petlovers_dog, @clubofcats, @kittyfamily, etc.

4. For Lifestyle, beauty or physical exercise:  Pick some common keywords like fit

Beauty, fashion, studio, style, aura, standard, charm, yoga etc for instagram username related to lifestyle and fashion related niche. For example: @beautyhub, @fitelegance etc.

5. Relationship and Self Improvement:  For relationship and self improvement I will suggest you to use some power words like  – mind, goal, rules, crown, tips, tricks, hack, master etc. The best example could be @relationship_goals, @relationshiprules, @lifegoals, @improvementsecrets etc.

Look at examples of successful usernames such as Frugal Funky Chick (blogger), Simple Sassy Sister ( columnist ), NomNom Paleo (food blog). As long as it captures attention, there’s nothing stopping you from creating one that stands out among the others.

People usually search by those keywords which they know most. So don’t pick keywords that have low volume and are difficult to use. Be creative but simple. Easy but attractive.

2 Best Tools to Resolve How to Choose a Username for Instagram Business?

If you are out of ideas don’t worry- here are the 2 best tools – NameBounce and LeanDomainSearch. These tools are free of course and will offer you 100 names for your Instagram account based on your niches. All you need to do is to type your niche name and select a suitable Instagram username for you.

2 Best Tools - How to Choose a Username for Instagram Business
2 Best Tools that helps you choosing username for instagram


Choosing username for Instagram in the right way is essential for getting the right audience and maximum reach. Choose the right one that is relevant, simple and easy. So that your audience can easily remember your brand name, find out easily by typing it on the search bar and clicking it as soon as it appears on the search engine. Because 80% of the customers click on those accounts that appear first on the search engine and the username looks simply attractive.

I am sure that now you are a bit confident after knowing how to choose a username for Instagram business. If you want to know more about Instagram marketing for your business then read out my another blog on Instagram for Business. Here I talked about the whole Instagram marketing guideline that would be helpful for your business growth.

Don’t forget to share with me what name you have chosen for your brand! I wouldn’t mind following you! 🤓