How to Find Your Target Audience for Your Business?

In this article, I will talk about two topics, however, these two topics are interrelated because without the first one, you cannot proceed to the 2nd one and that’s why they are connected. The first topic is how to find your target audience for your business and the second one is marketing and promoting to them.

Let’s say you have an amazing product. Maybe your product is even considered the best in the market. Maybe your online store is aesthetic and has easy to use navigation for your visitors. Your store might even have every other necessary element that makes up a great store.

But who are these right audiences? According to market statistics, many businesses that enter the market and fail have a similar background that caused them to fall into the market. Yes, I am talking about their identification with the right audience. They simply didn’t grasp the concept of the “right audience”.

I know it sounds confusing and it’s natural to spark curiosity about who are these right audiences. How do you know to define the right audience for your business? Let me clear up this confusion. Naturally, a business has 3 types of audience – the first one who will always complain about your services regardless of how good it is.

The second type is the general audience who will just take obtain your service and leave. And the final one is the “ideal audience”. They are the ones who will make your business grow. They will acquire your services or purchase your product; they will help you increase your brand awareness and so on.

And these audiences are called the “right audiences” for your business because they will help you sustain and grow in the market. They are extremely beneficial for your business. And that’s why to drive the right traffic to your online store and increase sales, you first need to identify who your audience is and what defines them. 

Before you can market to them you need to identify who they are and I don’t mean just their name and contact number. I’m talking about their interest, buying behavior, their characteristics as well as their basic info such as contact and name.

Eager to Know How to Find Your Target Audiences?

The primary goal of any business should always be to know and understand its audience. So, as you might wonder how to find your target audiences for your business.

Well, below I have written a comprehensive series of steps that will help you find your target audiences. To correctly identify them, you first need to consider your entire audience base and then identify them from the crowd.

1.  Gain Audience Insight

Gain audience insight - how to find your target audience

We live in a world where we can obtain information so easily that it had made marketers to target their audience more specifically. That’s why it’s important to learn what’s important to your audience. To do so, you need specific information on your target audience. And guess what? There are countless tools available to gain such information.

One such example is Facebook audience insight, it is a tool through which Facebook provides us with information on your pre-determined or targeted audience. It gives us enough information to make an understanding of what’s important information.

If we can get a deeper understanding of audience insight, then we can easily create psychographic and demographic profiles on your audience which will focus on their interests and buying behavior.

2. Speak the language of your audience

To truly connect with your audience, you must speak their language. This is a universal business truth. But what does it mean? This means using appropriate words, phrases, voice, and tone depending on your audience and product niche. For example, if your audience is teens and you want to sell them a video game. 

You will never resonate with their feelings or connect with them if you use a professional and formal tone in your marketing promotion. It will never reach them properly. You have to tailor your marketing campaign according to your audience and product.

On the contrary, if you do not use a formal tone and words if you are selling something professional, it will give off a negative impression to your audience. So, you must know how to speak the language of your audience.

This doesn’t require a lot of research because when you’re working in a certain niche, you will eventually learn how your audience communicates and where their interest lies. There are also various tools available that help us to collect any special phrases or dialects used by our audience.

The phrases and dialects can even change depending on any viral trends. So, you always have to stay ahead of your customers and try to connect with them through the language they speak in your promotional campaign.

3. Use Organic Keywords Properly

Using Organic Keywords

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. If you want to reach the right audience, SEO will play an important part in your marketing strategies. Do we know what’s the largest source of traffic for any website? It’s an organic search! And to get organic traffic with organic search, the keywords must be used properly. There are mainly three types of keywords –

1. Informational Keywords

2. Navigational Keywords

3. Transactional Keywords

The informational keywords are used by the audience to find a broader topic of interest. The users or audience still don’t know what they are specifically looking for so they use these types of keywords to research.

On the other hand, navigational keywords are more specific to certain websites or products. Let’s say they are searching for a certain brand or a type of product. They are more advanced than the users who are still in the informational keyword stage.

That’s because they have already completed their research and have narrowed down their search to a certain brand or the products that the brand carries. The users are not ready to buy but they have most likely aware of which product or which brand to choose from.

Last but not least are the transactional keywords. These keywords are used directly to purchase something. They are ready to purchase and that’s why it’s important to identify these organic keywords to have a better understanding of what your audience wants. It’s also known as discovering their search intent.

Various keyword research tools can tell you what the audience is looking for or what the search volume is for a specific keyword. Using all this information, you can recreate your own set of content that addresses the interest of your audience.

4. Prepare Retargeting strategies

There is an important phrase in marketing that tells us that the 2nd purchase of a customer is more important than the 1st purchase done by the same customer.

In general, on regular days for any business because when a customer comes back for the 2nd time, it means that they have liked your product or service and they are willing to become a potential long-term customer.

For a business, they are the most important customer base. They bring in the most amount of profit. Sometimes the customers come back on their own but the majority of the time it is because of the retargeting strategies of the business. This strategy is one of the core strategies that helps a business to market to the right audience.

The identification is already completed as they have already purchased from you. And it is not only for customers who purchased from you. The retargeting strategies are also applicable to people who have already interacted with your brand. They are known as “warm traffic” in business terms.

Even if they briefly encounter your business, you can still retarget them and bring them back. There are various ways on how you can perform retargeting strategies. You can use AdWords, Facebook, and other similar platforms to engage in retargeting.

If you can gain the ability to understand your audience, you can easily retarget them back. The stronger your retargeting strategies are, the better your chances are of earning more revenue.


Whenever a business rises in the market, it’s important for them to understand the market landscape and who their audience is and how to meet their demands. There are always risks involved and that’s why businesses try to focus their omnichannel marketing strategies in the most effective way possible. Identification and marketing to the right target audience is the most valuable piece of the marketing strategy. If you don’t know the role that your audience plays in your business, it will significantly lower your chances of earning success. When you know it, you are one step ahead in finding your target audience