How to Generate Perfect Instagram Bio Ideas For Business

Instagram bio is very important to describe your business. People don’t have enough time to scroll down your instagram account and learn what you are selling? You have to find a way that makes them able to learn your business and offers. 

Writing a perfect bio for Instagram is a powerful trick to grab the attention of your customers by representing your business within some word. If you ask how to write a perfect bio for Instagram, first you need to know how to generate Instagram bio ideas for business.

Many instagram business accounts underestimated to generate instagram bio ideas and left it empty. 

Are you like them?

If it is! You won’t be able to grow the followers you are expecting! 

Before going it’s too late, Learn how to generate Instagram bio ideas for business from this article. 

I hope this will help you to craft your instagram bio like a pro. 👇

Why is Instagram bio important?

Your Instagram bio is the first impression that audiences get of your brand account. Instagram bio helps you to make your brand unique from others and motivates them to take action.

First and foremost, Your instagram bio is the representation of your brand’s voice. Instagram bio refers – “who you are and what you are offering”?

Secondly, It highlighted your brand value proposition. The USP (Unique Selling Point) of your products or the slogan of your brand provides a cause and justification for your audience to take action.

Above all, it establishes your authenticity on Instagram and works as a CTA. Providing your website URL or other social media accounts in your bio establishes your credibility and directs your Instagram followers to your other accounts or websites to make a purchase. 

Your Instagram bio matters a lot to establishing your brand identity on Instagram. It grabs your audience’s attention and makes them convinced to be with you. Let’s take a look at how perfectly you can create your instagram bio.

instagram bio ideas for business

How to write the perfect bio for Instagram?

Use 100% of your creativity to set your Instagram bio. Because the more creative it is, the more likely it entices your audience to click the instagram bell button to follow you. 

Try to customize your bio with the following ways – 

Profile Photo:

Make use of your brand logo. Your brand’s visual identity is represented through your profile photo. Your brand logo will catch people’s eye and help them find you in the search results.

Using a brand logo will help you stand out from competitors that use similar names.

By the way, 

If you don’t have a logo for your business, utilize a brand colored icon or related picture. For example, National Geographic Travel, for example, has a yellow rectangle-shaped emblem on their profile image that is identical to their logo.

instagram bio ideas from natqeotravel
Instagram bio of natqeotravel

Instagram Bio Section:

It’s the main part to show how creative you are! 

Express your business within 150 characters as best as you can.  Follow the steps I mentioned. This will help you to create an effective bio within 150 characters- 

Name & Username: 

Because your Instagram username serves as your primary identification, you must ensure that you use accurate spelling and your real brand name. 

Not often, however, it’s possible that your username has already been used by another brand. In this case, you may use the half abbreviations user name and be sure to include your complete name in your bio. 

Not necessarily, But you can put numbers with your name too.

There is no need to be concerned. if you can’t think of a good name. Because you may change your username at any time. 

Write about your motive:  

Make it short and concise. Write about your brand using a rational cause of what you are selling for whom. Ford on their Instagram brand account describes their motive to “build a better world where every person is free to move and pursue their dream.”

instagram bio ideas from ford
Instagram bio of ford

Canva a magical online design platform describes their business benefits on Instagram bio along with mentioning their target audience “designers”. 

instagram bio ideas from canva
Instagram bio of Canva

Using your branded slogan is not a bad idea.  It will make the audience your commitment is strong and helps them to know what your brand stands for. Example: Lucky Goldstar (LG) has brilliantly used their popular slogan  “Life’s Good” in their Instagram bio- “Come make life good with us!

instagram bio ideas from lg_lifeisgoodcampaign
Instagram bio of lg_lifeisgoodcampaign

These are not all!

Don’t forget to include your unique selling proposition (USP). It will help you stand out against your competitors. Let’s discuss about it below- 

Define Your Value Proposition:

What unique things you are offering to your audiences make you distinctive from your competitors. So, Use some words that focus on why you are unique than others. Show some specialty of your product and how it makes your customer feel extra special. 

Example: One of the perfect bios for Instagram I can show you is noissueco business profile. They simply use emojis and mention their USP in one word. It literally makes it easier for the audience to learn the ultimate benefits they get from noissueco products. Even it satisfied me too. 

instagram bio ideas from noissueco
Instagram bio of nonissue


You have to write your Instagram bio within 150 characters. If you couldn’t utter USP into it. Use Hashtag. With a hashtag you can also mention what is best in your brand. 

For example: Gearlaunch a print on demand site to write an attractive bio with USP at the same time using print on demand hashtags.

instagram bio ideas from gearlaunch
Instagram bio of gearlaunch

Is that all a hashtag can do? 


Let’s check how can you utilize hashtags in other ways- 

Include a Branded Hashtag:

If you don’t have a brand hashtag for your brand, Create one! 

Branded hashtags will help you keep track of how many audiences have entered your contest each time. 

Besides this, Your valued customers will be able to share their real-life experiences with your branded products using your branded hashtags. This is a plus point for you, because your profile visitors will get a chance to see all the real reviews of your customer by just clicking on that hashtag. This will be enough to build their trust in you to get a follow click. After generating your Instagram bio ideas for business, you must use hashtags there to let your audience find out about you.

Example: Two chocolate brands Kitkat and Toblerone share their branded hashtags on their Instagram bio with slogans and encourage their audiences to post with the hashtags.

instagram bio ideas from kitkat
Instagram bio of KitKat



instagram bio ideas from tobleroneglobal
Instagram bio of tobleroneglobal

Toyota is also participating in the trend of hashtags on Instagram! 

instagram bio ideas from toyota
Instagram bio of Toyota

You can also use hashtags to celebrate a particular day on instagram and inspire audiences to create content with your given hashtags. For example, OPPO- a mobile company used #earthday hashtag on their instagram bio in 2022 to celebrate earth day showing they give value to sustainable growth.     

Tag Profile Links:

Sister Concern tags work well.

Like, If you sell both clothes and accessories on Instagram. You can tag your accessories account to a clothing account. It will assist your consumers in finding pair matches without having to browse through other accounts. Many businesses follow this strategy partnering with relevant businesses during special deals. 

Some Instagram accounts divide profiles into product categories and tag all accounts in their initial account bios. Audiences benefit from being directed to the appropriate account for their purchase and having a clear understanding of the offerings. Samsung amazingly craft a perfect bio for instagram-


Instagram Bio Ideas for Business - samsung's bio
Instagram bio of Samsung

Make Use of Emojis:

Instagram is emoji friendly. If you can’t express your thoughts in 150 characters, utilize emoji. Use a rose emoji instead of “rose” word, pizza emoji instead of a “pizza” word. 

This will not only let you speak with less space, but it will also draw attention to your profile and make it sound more fascinating.

Emoji that support CTA is an excellent way to get people’s attention. It directly focuses on the point in which you wish to concentrate.

Example: Look how easybook nailed the best use of emoji on their instagram profile. 

Instagram Bio Ideas for Business - bio of easy_of official.
Instagram bio of easy_of official.

Include Website:

Share your website link in your Instagram bio to direct your followers to your website and encourage them to make a purchase. You can also update the link with the latest product, course, or content you are offering.

You don’t have the option of adding more links.

So, before you put it in, make the right choice.

But I can suggest you use lintree.

Linktree allows you to share your multiple account links on Instagram Bio. Now cheer up with your Instagram account!

Image: Threadless- an e-commerce website for online artists using linktree on their instagram profile to drive audiences to other accounts. 

Instagram Bio Ideas for Business - bio of threadless
Instagram bio of threadless

You can also use linkinbio like Alibaba does.

instagram bio of alibaba.com_official
Instagram bio of alibaba.com_official


instagram bio of mensuitsteam
Instagram bio of mensuitsteam

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website or other social media accounts to input. You can create an instagram shop and encourage audiences to take action straight from your Instagram business account. Don’t forget to allow follow, message and contact buttons visible on your instagram bio.


Your Instagram story plays a significant role in making your Instagram account attractive. If you run a clothing store, you can set up Instagram stories in different segments (male, female, kids), and if you are an influencer or instructor, you can highlight different content in different stories and add more attractions. You can highlight stories with the same color covered with different icons or combine the colors of your brands with different icons. 

Example: Paypal is using different colored themed stories and purple is using one colored theme highlighted story. Now the choice is yours? How do you like to portray your highlights? 

instagram bio of paypal
Instagram bio of PayPal

Instagram bio of purple


Change your Instagram bio font:

Many famous brands use different types of fonts in their bios as if their profile shows up at the first sight of the audience and takes away their attraction. If you use fonts, you will be able to bold the powerful words that represent your business. The perfect tool for such a font style collection is

Just go to lingojam> Type the sentence/word you want to convert in a new font> different type of font display will appear to you> choose your font style> copy and paste on Instagram.

However, there is a matter of concern, it is better to avoid using fancy or very tricky fonts. Your customer’s eye shouldn’t be bothered. Choose typefaces that are appealing to the eye and simple to read.

instagram bio ideas for business

Tips for generating the best Instagram bio ideas for business

An Instagram bio is a brief summary of what your account is about. So within 15-20 seconds you have shown your audiences what unique you are doing. 

If you portray it as a mess, They’ll lose interest and back away.

Here are 8 tips to help you make a solid first impression while having no chance of losing the audience:

  • Get as much as creative possible
  • Make Instagram bio simple and straightforward.
  • Avoid sophisticated fonts and unfriendly emojis. 
  • Include relevant keywords that indicate your business and target audiences.
  • Create your own hashtag, Rather than using the high-volume hashtags. 
  • Share new product Url or offer URL to make it convenient to look at what’s new? 
  • Don’t forget to turn on the CTA button. 
  • Provide bio checklist bonus.
  • Set your own logo as an account picture. 

[Creating a logo is simple Canva is a free tool which will help you to make your desired logo. Check out my “Canva review” where you will get a direction on how you can create an attractive logo with Canva.]

Final thoughts

Your Instagram bio ideas for business are a big factor in boosting your brand presence on Instagram. It not only shouts out your brand voice but also makes your profile impressive enough to hold your audience.

You can sum up your whole business in your Instagram bio. Your Instagram bio presentation determines whether your followers will remain with you or move to one of your competitors. So, Don’t take your bio too lightly. Make the finest effort possible to make it way out of work.

Now you know about Instagram bio ideas for business. But do you know how to generate Instagram Post Ideas? I have more suggestions on this topic where you can find 26 types of Instagram Post Ideas for effective marketing.