26 Types of Instagram Post Ideas For Effective Instagram Marketing in 2022

Well, we all know how Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms all over the world in recent times. If you are into digital marketing, then Instagram marketing is one of the key essentials for you. For Instagram marketing you definitely need instagram content and instagram post ideas for business.

Well, there are a lot of different types of content you can put on your instagram as your instagram post ideas for business. Everything from Instagram story post ideas to promotional videos, memes to tutorial videos, quotes, challenges, games, giveaways and what not!

So let’s get introduced to all those Instagram contents!

Instagram Story post ideas:

If you don’t post daily on your Instagram Business account, you won’t get much engagement. Whether it’s a video, Image or GIF and the story will only stay up for 24 hours. But you have to post every day right??

Remember, When you are posting these stories it doesn’t always have to be a professional post or professional video. People want to see the real you, your real company here. Post a blend of mixtures that help your audience connect with your post.

Jon Kabir's instagram story - Instagram Post Ideas

If you want a lot of engagement on your stories, it’s best to keep your stories in your highlight section and you can categorize them. Suppose you have some stories of your customers’ feedback. You can put all of those stories in one highlight section. You can also put specific images for each highlight. You can put some attractive images there, so that people will be much more likely to click on them.


Another type of engaging instagram content is giveaways. Many good brands engage with customers with Giveaways. Giveaways also help you grow your number of followers.

Giveaway/Contests post - instagram post ideas


Quotes are another form of instagram content idea. You can put different types of quotes on instagram. You can tweet different stuff and then from twitter, you can take a screenshot and post it on instagram. With quotes and tweets and posting on your instagram, what you’ll find motivational or it’s unique you’ll tend to do it quite well. That is also an effective IG post idea.

Quotes - instagram post ideas

Recommendation for you, try to put inspirational, funny quotes in your instagram posts. Or you can also start a conversation using quotes because when you post a quote, you also have a description within your post and you can start a discussion about it and ask people to leave a comment. That will create a lot of engagement in your post.


Boomerang is one of the trendy content and one of the effective instagram creative post ideas. It basically allows you to record looping videos that look like animated gifs. You can post different kinds of boomerang videos on your instagram stories as instagram story post ideas. It gets people’s attention because it’s catchy and trendy. And we all know, mass people love trending things.

Boomerang - instagram post ideas

Funny memes:

It’s also a very effective IG content idea. Who doesn’t love memes these days? When you post a meme on your instagram that most people can relate to and laugh at, then you’ll definitely grab their attention.

Funny memes for Instagram Post

But, make sure to post the memes related to what product or service you are offering. Try to create memes related to your product or service and post them. Suppose, you sell pizza, then try to post pizza related memes. If it gets viral, you’ll get a lot of followers on your instagram.


Funny photos also grab the attention of the customers. But of course, the funny photo has to be related to your company or the product or service you are offering.

Funny Image for Instagram post

Suppose, you have a business of pet animals. You can take pictures of different funny expressions of your pet animals to sell. That will create your Instagram followers’ engage. A lot of people are using funny photos as instagram creative post ideas.

Tag Post:

You can give some giveaways depending on how many people your followers tag on your post in the comment box. That’ll create a lot of new followers on your instagram profile. Besides, you can post something funny and ask people to tag their friends on that post.

Tag Post for Instagram

Suppose, you have an online clothing store. You can give a post telling that you’ll give away some of your specific products depending on how many people your followers tag on that post.

Short Tip post:

This is another one of the effective IG content ideas. You can give some short tips related to your product or service.

Short Tip post for Instagram

Suppose you have an Online Payment Service business. You can post about what people must be aware of while making an online payment.

Educational Post:

It’s basically a post about your brand awareness to your customer. It’s a very essential IG content idea to let people know about your company or the product or service you are offering.

Educational Post for Instagram

While making the educational post there are certain steps you should follow. Which are: picking a topic you want to discuss, writing a catchy copy, sourcing the right images, having fun designing the graphics and posting the image on instagram. This is also one of the important instagram creative post ideas.

Engaging Content:

While making your big content ideas, you have to make sure that the content has to be engaging to the audience. For that, you have to make catchy content to grab the attention of your followers.

Engaging Content for Instagram post

You can also ask for your followers’ opinions in the comment section, but make sure that when you are asking them for their opinion in your comment box, you reply and appreciate all of their opinions.


You can put short videos on instagram. That is a new feature of Instagram. This is one of the instagram creative post ideas. Here you can put short clips about your business.

Shorts for Instagram post

Suppose you have a fishing business. You can put different clips of your customers fishing. Make sure that the short won’t last more than 60 seconds.

User generated content:

It is another effective instagram content idea. Especially if you have an e-commerce profile.

User generated content - Instagram post

If you’re selling something and other people are buying your product, wearing it or using it, you have to post it. It basically shows the authenticity, it shows people are buying it, people are liking it. It actually makes you more realistic to your followers.

Trendy Content:

You have to jump on the trend, if you want to increase your followers. We have seen a lot of trends that have become viral over the years. Such as; ice bucket challenge, mannequin challenge, squid game and so on.

Trendy Content for Instagram post

So, if you see a trend, follow it, leverage it. Try to relate the trend with your business and let people know it. This is one of the very essential instagram post ideas for business.

Ask Me Anything:

If you want to go live by yourself and get more engaged with your followers, you can use that “Ask Me Anything” feature.

Ask Me Anything - Instagram post ideas

Here people can ask you questions, they can be in the comments. It can be done through live or you can even do instagram story post ideas and have people ask questions there. This will boost your engagement.

Promotional content:

You can feature the brands and other people are paying you or it could be connected to events that you’re going to.

Promotional content for Instagram post

It doesn’t have to be necessarily sponsored. It could be a promotional post for your own product.


This is one of the biggest types of ig content ideas that you will see in most of the popular instagram business profiles these days as their instagram post ideas for business. They can be videos or slides.

Tutorials for Instagram post

Suppose you have an online payment service business. You create tutorial videos or slides showing how people can sign-up to this, how they make online payments and so on. It really helps the people out and it’s one of the helpful instagram post ideas for business.

Post Quizzes:

You can post quizzes on your instagram profile as instagram post ideas for business to increase the followers’ engagement. But the quizzes have to be relevant to your business.

Post quizzes for Instagram post

Suppose an e-learning business. You can post different types of educational quizzes on your instagram profile. But while making those quizzes, make sure to grab the attention of your followers.


Poll is one of the very effective IG content ideas to boost the engagement of your followers. People love to participate in polls. By creating polls, you are positioning your customers that they are valuable to you. Besides, people naturally love to participate in these kinds of contents.

Poll for Instagram post

But again, do not create a poll which is Irrelevant to your business. Suppose you have an online clothing store. You post two same design clothes in two different colors and create a poll about which looks better.


A great form of content ideas are captions. The opening sentence is the key if you are going to use a caption. Users only see the first 125 characters in their Instagram feed. So, you have to grab the users’ attention right away with those first 125 characters. If you don’t, it’s going to be lost. So make sure to use catchy captions for content.

Caption this:

These Instagram creative post ideas are very effective to get more comments on your post and boost your followers’ engagement.

Caption this for Instagram post

You can post something random or a weird image or video and ask your follower to caption this. If ig post ideas are interesting, people will definitely comment. You can post these types of ig content ideas to increase your followers’ engagement rates.


You can arrange different types of games on instagram. Because any kind of game grabs people’s attention and increases the follower’s engagement. Example: creative mind game, mathematical questionnaires,

Game - Instagram post ideas

Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes demonstrate to people how your brand works, How you work for your brand, how much efferd you are putting to make people happy.

Behind the scenes for Instagram post

People love this kind of stuff and find authenticity in your brand. It doesn’t have to be videos all the time. It could be just a photo of you or your team at work or a sneak peak of your new product. All these kinds of instagram creative post ideas work.


It is basically taking advantage of a trendy event or news to promote your brand or your product. It is one of the most effective instagram content ideas.

Newsjacking for Instagram post

Suppose you have a cosmetics business. You can take advantage of women’s day and create content for the women relating to your product.


Video content grabs attention more than standstill images. Post emotional, inspirational or motivational videos on instagram. Make sure, all those videos should be relevant to your business. Creative videos with unique concepts is one of the most engaging content for Instagram marketing.

Videos for Instagram post


Don’t miss out the chance to put Reels on your instagram content ideas list in 2022.

Reels for Instagram post

Demonstrate a 15 minute product or service related instagram reels, set with popular background music in the background. Reels are very effective for your instagram profile or for growing your business.

Brand Story:

Now, it comes to your brand story. In your brand story you can cover the contents topics-

Brand Story for Instagram marketing post

What’s unique about your brand? 

What’s your unique selling proposition? 

How are people going to engage with it? 

What’s behind the scenes of establishing your brand or products?

Here are more than enough Instagram post ideas/content categories for you. For the 30 days of the month, you can share 30 different sorts of content. Your audiences will never get tired of a single form of content. However, if any of your mates are struggling to gain thousands of Instagram followers. Share this blog with them and send best wishes from me to grow in his business.