Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Tools


Pinterest started off as an image sharing site but soon it evolved into a social media network that is dedicated just to images and videos. Pinterest used to be hugely popular among lifestyle bloggers and travelers who used to share their adventures and stories via images. Soon, many businesses started to view Pinterest as a platform to advertise their products and reach a large number of audience and engage with them fruitfully.

Many e-commerce businesses start and fail due to not knowing how to utilize this platform properly. While it is true that it is not easy to build a presence on Pinterest and give exposure to your products but luckily there are lots of third-party tools that can help you with it. Below

1. Tailwind


Tailwind is a great Pinterest tool that helps with the management of pins and dashboards. It has a good in-depth analytics options. You can measure your own stats and compare with your rival business and analyze your situation. You can also keep track of your most influential followers.

2. Canva


Canva is one of the most popular image editing tools for Pinterest. Canva has ready-made Pinterest template for every format and every size of image. The templates come in various designs, you can even customize your own template. The image that comes out from the template is optimized to 2:3 aspect ratios which are perfect for Pinning.

3. ​Piktochart


Piktochart is another image editing tool for Pinterest but unlike canva, piktochart is more concentrated on info graphics and charts. It is piktochart’s specialization. Many templates are available in this tool which helps you to choose a suitable template for your info-graphic. We all know how important templates are for info-graphics, if the information or the content does not match with the template then the info-graph becomes very dull to read. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to have prior experience to design your own info-graph

4. Woobox’s Pinterest Tab

Pinterest tab

Provide more exposure to your Facebook page by adding a static Pinterest tab using Woobox. This tab can feature one or more boards, has a dashboard of its own and it’s a great way to get additional traffic for your content. The tool has a follow button, users can follow your Pinterest account using through this feature.

5. Pingroupie


Discover various groups and boards on Pinterest where you can join and contribute and engage with your audience. PinGroupie has alternatives for arranging boards by popularity so you can easily observe those with the largest following, or most pins or likes. You can also observe your most influential followers

6. PinFollow


Ever thought of doing a mass-unfollow to those who never followed you back? Then this is the tool is for you. PinFollow enables you to distinguish and unfollow individuals who don’t follow you back. Thus, you will be able to unfollow everybody who doesn’t follow you in one single click.

7. Loop88


A simple yet elegant tool, Loop88 has only one purpose – to create content. Loop88 is one of those niche based tool that only focuses on one aspect of the whole marketing steps. Nevertheless, content creation is the most important step of them all and this tool can assist you in making very good quality content that help your brand distinguish from the rest of the crowd.

8. Sprout Social


Sprout social is your 360 degree marketing tool that can help you with a wide range of things. If you have a business that needs a thorough in-depth marketing strategy then sprout social can help you from the beginning of the campaign till the end. It helps you grow your Pinterest account and your business.

9. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics is a built-in analytics tool that helps with marketing campaigns on Pinterest. It is one of the best Pinterest tools to measure your performance and grow your Pinterest account. This tool provides insights into the current performance of your account and also helps you create a better Pinterest profile. It also supports providing detailed insights into how people interact with your content and what types of content are doing best for you.

10. Pin Pinterest


Pinpinterest is another multi-functional multipurpose Pinterest tool that is used for varieties of marketing tasks. You can either use it as a scheduler or you can use it to pin contents from around the web. It can also help in gaining more followers by targeting your content to the right audience. You can choose your preferred demographic or which audiences you want to reach. This tool will help you reach them and engage with them to earn more followers.