St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas to Promote Your T-shirt Business

St. Patrick’s Day is originally a religious holiday of the Irish but millions of people now celebrate it across the world. March 17 is recognized as St. Patrick’s Day and it is a time for businesses to bloom, especially the T-shirt business.

Most of the major businesses target specific holidays and use the occasion to develop concentrated marketing strategies for their business by targeting that holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is no different – it is a joyous occasion overflowed with beer, coins, four-leaf clovers and so much more!

If we only take the Irish market into account, billions of dollars are invested and profited just on this day. Now, let’s take a look at the global market. From the US to Singapore, millions of people celebrate this day.

In 2017, about 139 million Americans spent their money just targeting this holiday. According to a recent survey, on St. Patrick’s Day, most Americans spend their money on –

  • 52% – Food
  • 41% – drinks
  • 35% – clothing
  • 22% – decorations
  • 14% – candy

As we can see, a large chunk of customers tends to buy clothes during this festival. If you’re wondering if investing in this holiday/festival will be worth it or not, you will be surprised to know that the majority of the brands give a special marketing push during these days and most of the time it pays off.

Promotional Strategies for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Marketing Ideas

According to recent statistics, we can safely say that St. Patrick’s Day is good for business, especially the t-shirt sector. Apart from the religious aspect, this day symbolizes many things starting from beer, leprechauns, clovers, etc.

However, one thing remains constant and that is the color “green”. The color “green” is considered as the embodiment of the entire occasion. You will find everything in green that day, so it’s wise to keep the theme of your campaigns and other marketing strategies as green.

  • Social Media

Since it’s a good time for business, every business out there will be aiming to please the customers. Therefore, it will be a bit tough to differentiate from your competitors.

It’s good to start from where the customers engage the most – social media! It is the perfect time to increase your brand awareness and let your customers know what you are offering them.

Social media contest is a good way to introduce your new products to the festival. You can offer a discount or arrange giveaways in the contest. Your customers will then know what your brand will have on the market during the holidays.

Since most social media contests are held before the main date of the holiday, it is also a good way to test your product to check whether or not your customers are accepting your product or not.

Since your business is on t-shirts, you will probably have many designs in mind. You can use your customers to handpick their favorite designs. You can then arrange a free giveaway among your customers who voted for the designs.

  • Focus on Green

As we’ve said before, “green” is the symbol of the whole holiday. Wearing green is a huge part of St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It is a long story about why people wear green on that day; however, it has become a tradition now.

The majority of people wear green or relatable colored clothing that day. This tradition opens the doors of opportunities for clothing brands to mix in their favorite and most creative styles.

This also makes a way for the physical stores and the online stores to be decorated with green as well. Keeping up with the theme of the holidays lets your customers know that your business is very active and it catches the attention of your customers.

  • St. Patrick’s Day-themed design

This is the most important part of the whole holiday campaign. Every festival or occasion brings new opportunities to introduce a new product design. And this is especially common in the t-shirt business.

St. Patrick’s Day is no exception; there are many designs that are specifically made for this holiday. There are some specific things that symbolize and hold the true spirit of this holiday.

For example, beer is a very popular drink during this holiday. Many beer companies give extra marketing push so that they can generate more sales during this time.

As a designer or business owner, it is also wise to make t-shirt designs based on these things that make this holiday special. For example, you can make a design based on beer or you can make one based on leprechauns.

Many other t-shirt businesses will come up with a similar theme, your skills and your other promotional activities will decide if your customers come to you or any other t-shirt store.

If you can create something that upholds the Irish culture and the spirit of this holiday, then it will definitely sell. The most important thing that will make a difference is how creative your designs are based on this holiday theme.

Your campaign will decide how much you will generate sales. The designs here are the most important matter, then comes the promotional strategy. Before coming to the market with designs, you first need to recognize the customer demand.

If you can satisfy your customer needs, it will definitely improve your brand image and ultimately lead to higher sales. You don’t have to be Irish to do business during this holiday. It’s more about who can deliver better customer satisfaction.

Your competitors will always try to come up with something different, so you also have to keep trying on something innovative and relate to the audience.

Marketing campaigns during holidays or festivals are great ways to sell more or gain more customers. It always comes down to researching. Since St. Patrick’s day is originally an Irish holiday, it would be best if you can get opinions from an actual Irish person. It all comes down to research in the end anyway, so the more you research, the better t-shirt design you can create.