The Ultimate Glorify App Review – SHOULD YOU HAVE IT?

Looking for a budget-friendly graphic design tool that can make your sales growth BOOM?

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Well, In this blog, I tried to describe the overall Glorify review and, of course, instruct you on how Glorify may fit into your business and perfectly deliver your needs. I have also discussed pricing so that you can educate your mind about selecting the best option.

Now let’s explore the tool with this Glorify review and be ready to expand your business!

What is Glorify App?

Glorify is an all in one graphics design tool. The surface is just like Canva. But Glorify has significantly taken a better position on Google ranking due to its simple and exceptional design features.

Glorify! It works just as its name implies. Simply said, It allows you to create stunning and high-converting content in a matter of seconds. You can fully utilize this tool to generate any type of graphic design, including social media posts, marketing leads, webinar images, website banners, ebooks, brand logo development, graphs, chats, gift cards, discount posts, sales posts, or thumbnails with ZERO knowledge.

Even if you notice that your sales are declining, you have no choice but to engage your customers with new content. Make use of Glorify app! will surely help you generate a steady stream of leads, amaze your customers with new content, and give you constant sales growth. Even, It is so easy to use with its variety of niche templates and effects that I can only say you’ll fall in love with it the first moment you click on it.

Features of Glorify (Glorify Review)

People have the misconception that Glorify is only an E-com focused app and works best for merchants. Take my perception, Glorify is more than that. It empowers online entrepreneurs but you’ll get all kinds of features and elements to create any social or marketing post. Even some templates and elements will even push you to use Glorify app to replace your current tool. Let’s look over some of the elements-

Features of Glorify - Glorify Review
Features of Glorify (Glorify Review)

Bundles of Templates: You will get a lot of eye-catchy templates on Glorify. The most amazing fact is that you can stock almost 15 thousand templates, and it’s all for paid and non-paid users.

Glorify allows you to create any type of content lead (for example, infographics, mockups, product galleries, leaderboards, and more.)

You just need to go to the dashboard, click on the template option, select the specific niche category based on your product or niche (female beauty or personal care, kids & babies, sports and outdoors, travel, etc.). You can also filter the theme based on your choice, including (festive, dark, dynamic, special effects).

Bundles of Templates - glorify review
Templates in Glorify (Glorify review)

Glorify gives you the freedom to start from scratch and create a perfect template for your product.

Notable Graphics and Blobs: You will get notable and stunning illustrations on Glorify app. The best thing is, the interface is easy and you can use this design smoothly. You just need to apply some creative approaches to make your content productive.

Glorify graphics are on time with the e-commerce beat. You may also connect particular product images or graphics from the device using the interface.

There are plenty of illustrations. You can start branding the product by inserting particular illustrations into the templates and adding colors from the palette if needed.

You can also make blobs for sale, promo or discount post, Add blobs into canvas by increasing or decreasing the capacity and contrast of the overlay.

Glorify in case is fantastic for defining items without using words.

Notable Graphics and Blobs - glorify review
Graphics and Blobs

Logo Maker- Glorify logo creation feature first helps you establish your brand identity by designing a stunning logo for your organization.

You may make a logo by choosing the right brand color, symbol, and text. You’ll be able to tweak and squeeze logo layouts numerous times. Overall, you may see a preview of your logo before publishing it.

Mockup Objects- You will get a bunch of mockup templates on Glorify app. There you will find standard, quality, and realistic 3D mockup objects. All the mockups are beautifully pre-customizable and also allow you to add your design or logo.

You can either directly select any mockup template from the library or you can create your own mockup from scratch. To create your own mockup, open a blank canvas, choose the mockup object you prefer, customize it, edit it with more icons, and save it.

Elements of Mockups - glorify review

If you own a paid Glorify account, you can enjoy all the mocks. Glorify is royalty free. You are allowed to use any of its mockups for personal and commercial use.

With Glorify app, you can definitely create a mockup like a pro, whether you are a professional designer or just a beginner. You can represent your website confidently, attract more customers by creating stunning mockups, flaunting your collections, transform your brand vision into reality, promote your business like a king and rule the e-commerce world.

Stock Resource Library: Glorify will help you to create unique leads and better express your brand identity.

This app will give you endless shapes (basic, vectors, outline, 3D, CTA, Charts),  logo (e-commerce, payment, logo, shipping, courier, software, brand), free images (from Pixabay, pixels, photo creator), icons, integration, background, color palettes, fonts, graphics and illustrations.

Ultimately, Glorify resources will help you to bring variation to your regular content and entice people to engage with your brand.

Text: Your content text is the medium of communication between you and your customers. Eye-catchy text attacks the audience and holds them to stay on your content. You can bring harmony in your content with the Glorify Text option.

This designing tool will give eye-catchy headlines, feature badges, body content, promotions and sales, and quotes. Glorify also will help you to build a powerful text speech and bring aesthetic value to your content.

Smart Resize: Branding relies heavily on image content. Not every time high-resolution images work out well, the size of the image matters a lot. Your content or Image looks fabulous on the platform screen if it is perfectly resized. Using Glorify app, you can smartly adjust your content to fit the platform’s dimensions.

Glorify will provide you with a list of resizing features. You will get perfect size templates for content (Infographics, Quotes, Motivational Tips) on Glorify. Or You may resize your content for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

After resizing, you may board the pieces and move them about according to your requirements. You can realign your text. Glorify even lets you start resizing without saving the image.

Reflection and Shadows: Reflection and shadow play is a huge influence in product photography. In product pictures, designers employ shadow and reflection to portray a dramatic view.

Glorify will let you intelligently create your content and apply natural after-effects. You can add reflection and shadow to your content to give your audience a realistic view of your product.

You can remove the background, crop the image, drop shadow into the bottom alignment.

Glorify allows you to shift the positioning of the shadow vertically or horizontally. You can also improve the shadow mist, scale and obscurity.

Background Addition: The background addition function is supported by Glorify. This option is best for e-commerce, photographers, and content creators. If you want to create visuals for a product or service, you’ll need to layer in different backdrops to make the offers more commercial.

Background Addition - Glorify review
Background Addition in Glorify

Glorify provides a large collection of backdrop images. You can add any of them based on your match.

In order to polish the alignment, you can also drag and adjust the backdrop vertically and horizontally.

Color variations are also conceivable in Glorify app, however, you can simply fit the backdrop photos in by selecting the same based on keywords. You can take backdrops from the dashboard or you can add them from your device.

Background Removal: Glorify has a magical backdrop remover, which is best for POD designers and resellers. Designers can use this function to remove any commodity backdrops, components, or smallest possible objects from their surroundings.

This app also lets you prepare better crops by fine-tuning the margins, feathers, and other little elements. You may also decrease or increase the brush size to create super-accurate crops.

Once you’ve sliced the picture, save it to the batches and combine it with other templates or backdrops to create stylish designs.

Annotations: Glorify added an annotation option. Annotation best utilized for e-commerce owners.

E-commerce or website designers can add textual highlights and definitions. With the annotated tool, designers can bring out a closer look at the leading commodity and characterize it for extra ideas.

Glorifying is best. It helps designers make accurate content with pointing elements. Its results make marketers’ jobs simpler and more rewarding.

The frames are excellent alternatives for ensuring that product highlights are visible. Glorify also allows you to add text designs with highlighted elements on the screen.

Glorify has a built-in element scaling function that designers may use to change the size of annotations, add gorgeous frames, and other elements. Without a doubt, this app annotated tools are a good way to create callout content.

E-book Design: E-Books are powerful lead magnets for businesses. If you want to start your brand with a big shot, it is really essential to consider eBook-centric marketing. The E-book strategy will enable you to create thousands of responses within the opening and it will be an active start.

Other than any apps, Glorify is an amazing eBook creator. Designers are allowed to input one column, two-column, add an attractive CTA button, and smart back covers. One e-book template has all its features but designers can add more.

Apart from the e-book, Glorify also offers hundreds of benefits to designers and marketers, such as the highlighted characters, comprehensive guidelines, icon8 and more that I have listed in the following-

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Branding Kit
  • IG square Post
  • Adverts
  • E-commerce & Social Media Builder
  • HD Hero Header
  • Amazon EBC
  • Effects and Filters and more.

Who is Glorify Best for?

#E-commerce, #POD Marketers: Glorify app is a full-fledged e-commerce force. The features are perfectly designed for e-commerce marketing. There are plenty of mockup templates, specific niche templates, product hero shots, models, logo flows, annunciations, HD headers, and CTA design buttons. Users can sell products from different platforms. Glorify also supports Shopify, Amazon, and Woo-commerce. So, it is easy for users to drive sales from this site.

#Instagram Influencer: Glorify consists of unique Instagram features such as IG Square posts, instapages and product square shots. Glorify is a platform that helps Instagram influencers grow their following.

Instagram Influencer - glorify review

#Funnel Hackers: Glorify present click funnel, lead pages, instapages. Marketers can capture customers’ minds by promoting offers.

#Drop-shippers- Glorify is best for drop-shippers who can continuously create new product ideas and experiment with promotions from the same platform.

#Everyone– Whether you are a blogger or a youtuber, an influencer or content creator, a novice designer or a professional, you can test your creativity skills with Glorify. Personally, I suggest it for all.

Glorify APP Pricing

Is Glorify free to use? NO! offers a free plan but with limited stocks. You need to spend money to achieve greater outcomes. Glorify offers two price options: FREE and PRO. You can bring supremacy to your workflow with the Pro plan while for free you may not get proper satisfaction. Let’s check the plans-

Free – $ 0

PRO PLAN – $ 9.99 / month (Billed Yearly)

Which Glorify Plan should you buy?

Purchasing is a big decision. You need to think smartly before purchasing any tool.  Some brilliant choices can make your content ahead of your competitors but it’s also true that you can’t afford to buy every high-end design tool you come across.

So, Let’s make a wise decision for Glorify by determining which offer contains what.

In my honest opinion, glorify comes with a free option but with limited access to features and templates. You can’t enjoy all the elements with a free account. But the free option is good for beginners to learn graphics design, freelancers and nonprofit institutions.

If you own an E-commerce market or just started growing your startup then PRO PLAN is a good option for you. The Prop Plan has a price of $9.99 / Month but almost includes everything with a 30 days trial with money back guarantee.

Let’s have a look at how the two plans differ in terms of features.

choose your glorious plan - glorify review
Glorious plan

I hope now, you have got a clear view of Glorify pricing options to make the right decision. I’d want to emphasize that, if you utilize the Pro Plan, you’ll have endless access to premium stock assets that you can’t utilize all along. One good news for you is! Glorify is currently offering a 23% discount to premium subscribers. If you pick the option, your monthly cost will be reduced. So, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! GRAB IT Now!

Bonus Offer

Sign up for Glorify with my affiliate link & be one of the first to receive my upcoming promotional offers in 2022. Follow the steps below to sign up.


Let’s “Sign up” here and you will get an interface like this –

glorify app - glorify review
Glorify sign up process


Click to sign up option and must sign up your Glorify account with a valid email address, input your name, email address and a strong password as per the instructions given.  After signing, wait for my email to get exclusive deals in 2022.

sign up - glorify review
Create your Glorify account

Why Is Glorify App Worth Using? (Glorify Review)

E-commerce is becoming a major challenge in the twenty-first century. Winners are those who effectively portray their products to their target market. Their customers are wowed by the originality of their product design. The product design encourages them to stick with their brand,  resulting in steady sales.

So, strong content is required for good representation and the greatest graphics designing tool is required for flourishing graphics.

Glorify is a powerful design tool on the web that assures E-commerce merchants to achieve targets. All you need for an E-commerce business are all presented in this app.

Even Glorify has built with an easy interface. If you have no ideas on Graphics. That should be OK! You can easily create an eye-catching landing page for social media displays, offers and promotional content to grab more customers.

You can work with 1 Million + stock picture collections as well as 14k templates. For product design, you just simply need to take a product picture and utilize glorify features like Background remover, Image effects, Shadows and reflections.

Glorify works the same for POD marketers. They can develop product designs and mockups within the same subscription. With Glorify,  Dropshipping has also become easier for marketers because Glorify collaborates with Amazon, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

All benefits you are getting in one single app. So, I must say it’s worth using.

Benefits of Glorify:

  1. The User-Interface of Glorify is pretty simple and easy
  2. Glorify accepts affiliates, which is not accepted in other apps.
  3. Within the same membership, you’ll get a ton of components, specialized and topic layouts, and high-quality images.
  4. Glorify enables you to present a realistic image of your product that blends in with its surroundings.
  5. Glorify provides users with Icon8 styled icons, a matching backdrop, and highlight capabilities that may be seamlessly combined.
  6. Glorify is cost-efficient when compared to the services Glorify provides.
  7. Glorify provides a 30-day Money-Back-Guarantee after the first Trial. 
  8. Glorify Free users get 100 GB free Cloud storage.

Disbenefits of Glorify

  1. Glorify is still underdeveloped, working on more improvements.
  2. Glorify takes seconds to minutes to download big files.
  3. The App is a bit slower than others.
  4. Unfortunately! Glorify Free Users can download only 3 Content p/m.
  5. Exclusive Features are not available in the Free version.

How to Use Glorify app?

Now that you know all about Glorify’s features, let’s take a look at how Glorify works. I’m sharing with you a Glorify Design Tutorial. I will show you How you can create Product Mockups (Halloween Mugs) with Glorify for your online shop. Let’s Get started-

Step 1: Upload Your Design – First, upload the product design for the mockup. Halloween is quickly approaching. So I decided to create a Halloween Mug Mockup. Based on the forthcoming festivals or events, you may develop your design or product mockups. You can also create a POD design from Glorify as well. Then, you don’t need to upload any designs. You can create product designs and mockups from the same site.

Create design - glorify review
Design uploading in Glorify app

Step 2: Remove The Background – After you’ve uploaded the image, click on the image’s right bottom corner. You’ll be given the option of removing the backdrop. Remove the image’s backdrop, if you feel necessary you can crop the product image too.

Remove background - glorify review
Background removing in Glorify

Step 3: Brand Kit – Upload the Product design into your Brand Kit. So, You can set the product image on the mockup template easily.

Step 4: Select A Template – Now select a template or Mockup scene from the niche option. As I’m doing a mug mockup, I could use a “Food and Drink” Niche template but I’d rather choose to start from scratch. You can use an existing template or start from scratch.

My workspace - glorify review
Templates in Glorify

Step 5: Resize Template – Go to the resize option and adjust the template to fit the platform where you’ll be promoting your design. The resize box will give you Platforms options. However, for my product, I use a common size of W-1200 and H-800 px. This is the standard size for all platforms.

Resize design - glorify review
Resizing template

Step 6: Elements & Effect – On the top left side of the dashboard, You will get the element option. You can pick any shape or Annotation from the box. You can choose any illustration, shape or annotation from the dashbox box as well.

Elements and effects - glorify review
Elements & effects in Glorify app

You can use a shape and change the color of the shape. I have used a triangle shape from the box and changed it black. To change the color, border thickness, Bring a drop shadow just hit the shape, a box on the left side will appear and you may set it according to your choice.

Elements effects - glorify review

Step 7: Input Text – Again Click the box above, Write a description, Short Title or whatever you want. Next, click the text box and you will get the text setting option. You can change the font type, font color, font size, font shape, and can apply a border to drop shadow as well.

Input text - glorify review
Input text

Step 8: Illustration and Graphics – As I previously said, the dashboard box will provide you with millions of illustration options.

You are free to choose any suitable graphics. Just simply write on the search box which element you are looking for and the box will give you amazing graphics to make your mockup look more stunning. I have chosen Halloween graphics as I am making a Halloween product mockup.

Graphics - glorify review
Illustration and graphics

Step 9: Shadow or Realistics Effects – To give life to your product image, you may use realistic effects like (smoke, crack, bubble).

It all relies on the kind of product design you’re working on. You may utilize bubbles in your shower gel mockup design.

Shadow effects - glorify review
Shadow or realistic effects

As I’m doing a Mug mockup design, I’d add a smoke effect of hotness. Just to teach you how it would look like with an effect. Naturally, It gives a realistic vibe of vapor outing from a Mug due to the impact of heat.

Step 10: Alter Background – The backdrop does not need to be changed. Anyway, You can apply any color scheme to give the mock a different look. It will offer you a general idea of how the mockup design would appear with different colors. I picked a Pastel color to show you how the color of my mockup was quickly altered within seconds.

Alter background - glorify review

Step 11: Add CTA and Features – As I already stated, there are several CTA buttons and functionalities. You may use (sign up, download it, ass to cart or others) to encourage your audiences to click on your product image and take an instant action to buy. I have used ADD TO CART button.

Add cta and features - glorify review
Adding CTA and features

NOTE: [While creating mockups or designs if you face any trouble just hit the interrogative sign and you will find quick answers, solutions, help center support or can report problems if you find a bug.]

Note - glorify review

Now, we are complete, Just hit the save option above, save it and download it and enjoy boosting sales.

Add cart - glorify review

Is Glorify app better than Canva?

If you are a big fan of Canva, You may have a question in your mind: which graphics online tool is best? Canva or Glorify? Which PRO plan should you go for, as the Pricing are almost the same?

Canva vs Glorify - Glorify review
Glorify vs Canva?

No objection! Canva is a stunning tool for creative designs. Canva is a super easy and flourishing tool that gives users the best quality premium service.

But honestly, Canva is better suited for novices and mostly used by Freelancers, Youtubers, Influencers and Digital marketers whereas Glorify gets a wide response in the E-commerce industry. It’s an advanced tool for professional designers.

Glorify has tons of amazing features, models, brand icons, shapes, background remover, glow option, realistic shade and highlight effects. These unique filters and effects give incredible results to the content. Glorify has the ability to bring content to life. Marketers can easily create print materials, layouts and upload them immediately on social media platforms from the same site. E-commerce industries that suffer from driving sales get amazing results after using Glorify and give Glorify a BIG THUMB!

Its lifelike effects can foster a trusting bond between the brand and the viewer. Glorify enables marketers to stand out in the online market, boost sales, and increase ROI. Canva may not bring such a satisfactory result in industrial competition.

Other Alternatives –


My Recommendation for Glorify

Before I complete this Glorify review, I must say that I’ve utilized almost every online graphics program as well as desktop ones. But there is something glorious in Glorify that has drawn me back to using it again and again.

As a result of my experiences, I will unquestionably suggest this App to anybody searching for the greatest design tool. Undoubtedly, For this positive vibe in using this tool, I was so much excited to make this Glorify review.

Conclusion on Glorify Review

I hope I have covered almost everything in this Glorify review for your better understanding. Now hope that you get enough information and data about how to use Glorify app. This information can help you create fantastic product content to enhance your brand’s performance!

If you still don’t think Glorify will not make your brand forward, you may attempt the alternatives, but truly, they won’t provide the same outcomes as Glorify!

If you have any questions or anything to share about this Glorify review, please leave them in the comments box and I will gladly respond.