Understanding Facebook Ads Inconsistency and How to Fix It


Facebook ads are not always constant, there are good days and there are bad days. Many people struggle to perform consistently, but that doesn’t mean Facebook ads won’t work out for you. In this article we’ll be looking at how to exactly deal with the Facebook ads inconsistency, what are the causes of it and how to fix it.

We all know that for a certain product, there are only so many people in the market at a certain point. Just like a lot of businesses who have similar products fight for their dominance in the market, a lot of advertisers (almost 5 million) also fight for the same spot on your news feed. If you’re an advertiser, it’s like you’re constantly competing.

There are a lot of notable competition factors depending on the time of day or your competitor’s performance. For example, when you’re competing with other advertisers, some of the day it can be more competitive than the previous day. It can get competitive over a span of a week, month or even sometimes just a couple of days. Your competitors might perform better in this period of time so that’s basically a reason for Facebook inconsistency.

Facebook is a company that likes when you spend money on it, so when you spend a significant amount of money, the more trust factor you gain from Facebook. Moreover, if you have a solid business with good management, good feedback and if your credit cards and company details are on point, Facebook will start to

acknowledge your business authenticity and give you more preference.

Many people use PayPal to pay for Facebook advertising but it’s better not to use this medium for payment. Facebook doesn’t quite trust PayPal as much as credit cards. When you connect your Facebook ad account to your bank account directly, you get direct access to Facebook to your bank account. There are also some credit

alliances that Facebook gives to certain advertisers. So you see, there are lots of options that Facebook provides to advertisers for payment methods.

As said above, Facebook will trust you more if you invest more in it. For example, someone who has spent $100k will get less preference from Facebook from someone who has spent $100 million. These are some of the factors that go into consideration on a daily basis to decide which ads to show to which people.

Facebook Ads Auction

Auction - Facebook Ads Inconsistency

Facebook holds an auction every time a user is eligible to see an ad. Your ads enter the auction with other ads trying to reach the same target audience. So, this is what happens every time you put up an ad for your audience. It has to go through an auction by competing with your competitors aiming for the similar target audience. To determine, which ad gets served, Facebook gives each ad a total value and the ad

with the total greatest value gets served to the user.

The total value helps to maximize the advertiser’s value and create optimum user experience. Facebook actually cares about advertisers making money and achieving their goals. The higher you have a conversion rate, the higher you’ll be placing in the auction bid. So this is where different strategies come into play like manual bidding, target cost etc. At the end of the day, the most important part is that you can actually influence the relevance and quality of your ads. Relevance and quality are basically whether people engage with your ad, whether it resonates with them, whether they are clicking on your ad and sparing time to watch your videos.

Facebook has a sort of artificial intelligence (A.I) that reads all the data. It can analyze how much your ad is related to the user and how many people are engaging with it. Facebook can evaluate all of these factors.

How to Solve Facebook Ads Inconsistency

Facebook Ads Inconsistency

The key to solving inconsistency is basically always testing new creative ideas. The way you should see it is, if someone else was able to scale up their business with Facebook advertising, if you know someone in the market who has done it, then the chances are that you can do it as well. The important thing is to find the right combination with Facebook and to do this you have to do a lot of testing and try out new stuff. What matters most is the creativity and effort that goes into making the ad. If you can find the right the combination, you’ll get amazing results back from Facebook.

If you know your audiences and know what audiences converts for you or products that convert for you then you can use the same creativity for your audiences and products. Another thing you can do is change your angle with the ads. For example, if someone is talking about making money then you talk about saving money. One more example is losing weight without pills vs replacing exercise. Always try something different.

All these metrics help to determine if your ads are consistent, whether you win more auctions etc. Moreover, you also have to test your thumbnails as well. A thumbnail has a big contribution to making people click on your video ad and converting them efficiently. When a video starts, the most important element is the first 5 seconds, if the user likes it they’ll watch it further and if they don’t, they’ll immediately stop the video. Therefore, the first 5 seconds are very crucial and you need to check different 5 second segments to see which one clicks the most.

The maximum Impact Testing Sequence

testing-Facebook Ads Inconsistency

It is basically how you approach the testing process. You have to test all of the elements below properly.

1. First 5 seconds of the video

2. Your product/service angle

3. Thumbnails

4. Ad copy

5. Headlines

So that is exactly how we deal with Facebook inconsistency.